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Turns out the more human-friendly your CRM is,
the more people will actually use it.

Many CRM systems are just glorified databases, reducing complex relationships into simple records. Bullhorn CRM, however, is a relationship management platform built for the way businesses work now. It's mobile, intuitive, and completely automated so that your team has the time to focus on strengthening client relationships while Bullhorn does the rest.

The Bullhorn CRM Advantage

Get Immediate Insight into Who’s in Touch

In today’s complex B2B ecosystem, customer relationships aren't just made up of 1-to-1 interactions. In fact, they're often team-to-team. So it can be difficult to keep track of all the conversations that occur between the multiple stakeholders at your company and those at a customer’s organisation.

Bullhorn CRM radically improves visibility into who on your team is engaging with customers and the conversations they're having. Armed with this vital information, companies can be assured that each and every customer interaction will be positive and productive.

Get Visibility into Issues before They Occur

With multiple relationships to manage, it can be difficult to anticipate brewing customer issues. Companies with long-term, high-value relationships can't afford blind spots – they can critically diminish brand reputation, impact revenue, and risk future opportunities. Gain a deeper understanding of the relationship dynamics you have with your customers and prospects in real-time with Bullhorn CRM. By automatically capturing and analyzing conversation activity, Bullhorn proactively alerts you when relationships or opportunities are trending positively or negatively and when critical customer issues require attention.

Get the Most out of Your Relationships

Closing the deal is not enough. Retaining customers and reducing churn is critical for growing revenue, maintaining business health, and driving long-term value.

Bullhorn CRM gives your company the history and real-time status of each of your accounts. Missing a key relationship? Bullhorn CRM proactively identifies important relationship gaps with customer stakeholders and helps you automatically add contacts into your CRM so that you can get the most out of your relationships.

Elevate Your Business with Advocates

There’s nothing more powerful to a new business prospect than happy, engaged customers that can speak on your behalf. However, most companies don’t have an effective method for identifying and measuring customer sentiment over time.

Bullhorn CRM consolidates customer interactions and has built-in capabilities such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) so that you can mobilize your advocates and remedy detractors before they result in lost business.


Pulse Customer Intelligence

Know who has the strongest relationships with your clients and the best time to email them.

Automatic Email Tracking

Our patented technology connects emails to your contacts so you never miss a conversation.

Pipeline Management

Accurately forecast sales with a deep, powerful view into your team’s funnel.

Mobile CRM

Add notes, access client records, and email notify colleagues any time, anywhere.

Integrations and Partnerships

Integrated Solutions and Partnerships to Meet Your Business Needs

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Bullhorn CRM is an industry-leading relationship management solution designed to help you pursue and win new business while getting the most from your existing customer relationships.

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Our two sales teams sell products independently but share the same clients. They have different sales cycles and we needed a central way to keep organised. When a salesperson picks up the phone to call someone, they know exactly who’s talked to them with Bullhorn.
Cassandra Mayberry Director of Marketing at EPS Financial

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