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December 2019 Product Release Highlights

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Curious what product enhancements and updates we’re launching in Bullhorn this month? Read on to explore the December Bullhorn release and what it means for you and your users! We roll our updates out in phases, so if you don’t see these changes reflected in Bullhorn yet, don’t worry! You can expect to see the following highlights (and more!) in your instance by the end of the month. 

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CCPA Functionality in S Release & Novo

We have added functionality in both the ATS and Open Source Career Portal (OSCP) that customers can leverage as part of their CCPA compliance process. Please note: CCPA compliance is the responsibility of each customer, but these tools will assist your existing processes.

  • Data Capture Notification: You’re now able to create specific language and messages around data capture to send to contacts, leads and candidates. In the Actions dropdown menu on a record, you will now find a ‘Send Data Capture Notification’ action that you can leverage as part of your CCPA compliance roadmap.
  • Privacy Policy Link in OSCP: Bullhorn’s Open Source Career Portal (OSCP) is a free, customisable job portal that gives job seekers access to your company’s published jobs, which are uploaded to your website. The new version of the OSCP will now allow for a Privacy Policy to be hosted as a link from the main page of your career portal. You have the ability to modify the Privacy Policy page.

Usability Improvements in Bullhorn Novo 

  • Filter Contacts: We have added a filter to the Contacts tab on Company records that allows users to filter the list of Contacts by Owner(s) or Department(s).
  • Details Card for People Entities on Slideouts: When previewing records using the binoculars icon, Candidates, Contacts, and Leads now show a Details card that displays the same fields as the Details Card on the Overview tab. To configure these fields, navigate from View Layout > [entity name] > Profile – Right Sidebar.


  • Set Date Format in User Preferences: You are now able to specify the date format Bullhorn will use through your User Preferences.
  • Placement Fast Adding: We’ve added a new System Setting called ‘jobstatusonfastadd’ so that when a user creates a Placement using the ‘Fast Add’ workflow (by clicking + Add > Placement), Bullhorn automatically creates a linked Job. The status of the Job created using this workflow will now pull from this new System Setting.
  • Enhanced Interview Section on the Submission Tab: Tooltips have been added to the Interview sections on the Submission tab of records. In addition, the Labels have been updated.


Exciting Update to Bullhorn Mobile

Bullhorn Mobile now has support for Form and REST Triggers. If your company was enabled with a read-only version of the app due to Form Trigger and/or REST Trigger customisations, contact Bullhorn Support to have the full version of Bullhorn Mobile enabled.

Enhancements to Bullhorn Onboarding

  • We have updated the Add Onboarding Document notification in Onboarding to support localisation, allowing users to receive notifications in their preferred language.

Improvements to VMS Sync Submittals

  • You can now confirm the submission form via a modal. This should reduce scrolling and save time for users submitting candidates.
  • Submittals will now map Interviewing and Placed as Submission Statuses.
  • Submittals will now show hints and descriptions in a hover tooltip instead of static text below the field.


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    For a complete look at December’s product updates, please visit the full release notes.