Fuse Recruitment is an Australian recruitment agency focused on providing both permanent and temporary services to the insurance, wealth management, manufacturing, infrastructure and utilities sectors. It was established in 2010 through the collective vision of its co-founders Mathew Westcott, Tyson McNeilly, and Matthew Christensen, to deliver recruitment services that genuinely meet candidate aspirations while satisfying the demanding requirements of business clients. With a solid vision and strong company values—We are Fearless, We Lead the Way, We Challenge, Always, We are Connected, We Deliver and We Believe in People—guiding their teams, Fuse have been able to set up multiple offices across Australia to better service its ever-growing client and candidate base. We recently spoke with Fuse Managing Director, Mathew Westcott and Marketing Manager, Nicole Hart about their experience using Bullhorn Automation.

The Challenge

Fuse had a clear vision of the journey their candidates should have when engaging with their brand but their existing systems held them back on implementing that plan.

For any recruitment agency, it’s a challenge to keep their applicant tracking system (ATS) up to date while being able to maintain important relationships with clients and candidates. There are not enough hours in the day to maintain both to a high standard. That’s the challenge Fuse and its team of 60 plus consultants across multiple offices faced. The business has almost 400,000 candidates in its database, dating back to 2010. They needed to be updated but to have its team do it manually would have been a mammoth task.

Before Bullhorn Automation, Fuse used another recruitment automation tool which Nicole said, “ticked off all the basic issues we had but it didn’t allow us to innovate much further than that.” Fuse’s candidate engagement strategy is highly focused on nurturing both candidates and clients. Nicole searched for an automation tool that “left no room for human error” and could provide the consistency and visibility it needed over when and where its clients and candidates were engaging with the brand. This included on its website, pre-placement, post-placement, and other general communications campaigns. “We always knew we needed to automate this to give every candidate the same experience when they engaged with our brand”, Nicole said. Mathew adds, “We believe we can make our consultant’s day easier by using marketing automation and the data sitting within our Bullhorn database. Our purpose as a business is connecting people with the opportunity to achieve their dream.” This is when Mathew and Nicole were introduced to Bullhorn Automation.

By using automation to segment candidates, we’ve been able to market less to them but actually more appropriately based on what their behaviours are telling us they want.
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Mathew Westcott Fuse Recruitment

The Solution

Bullhorn Automation and Bullhorn ATS provided Fuse the automation they needed to communicate efficiently with candidates and make their consultant’s days more efficient. Fuse can now track current candidates better while re-engaging with past candidates, as well.

Bullhorn Automation allows Fuse to automate and remove previously time-consuming manual tasks from their consultants to-do lists, giving them time back to concentrate on more meaningful tasks. Nicole states, “candidates are now able to update their information easily via surveys with Bullhorn Automation automatically feeding that back into Bullhorn.” This simple automation has saved many hours of data entry and enables their team to re-engage with older candidates that came into the database many years ago.

They now have full control over the candidate and client journey. They are able to control when and where key engagements with Fuse will occur. From the first point of contact on the website to post-placement surveys and check-ins, it’s all tracked with the information appearing back in Bullhorn, ready for their team to take the appropriate actions. For Nicole on the marketing front, “it’s been a life-changer.”

“By using automation to segment candidates, we’ve been able to market less to them but actually more appropriately based on what their behaviours are telling us they want,” Mathew explained. Previously, Fuse used MailChimp to interact with clients and candidates but due to its limited integration with Bullhorn, she found keeping the information up to date and segmenting the different targets to be a very cumbersome process. Now with Bullhorn Automation, the whole process is automated, so searching and segmenting based on criteria like industry category and candidate status is seamless. “The ability to create different target lists based on fields in Bullhorn really helped us overcome a lot of challenges”, said Nicole. She adds, “our consultants have all the information they need to perform a search to the best of their ability, and it ensures we are sending the right content to the candidates based on where they are in the recruitment process and what their status is.”

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Through implementing automation, we have been able to connect with so many more clients and candidates than ever before. This has ultimately given our recruiters more time on their hands to do what they do best, which is recruit.
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Nicole Hart Fuse Recruitment

The Future

Since implementing Bullhorn Automation, the Fuse team has seen a large amount of time saved. They are automating over 500,000 actions per month, enabling them to engage with 55,000 contacts and save over 17,397 hours. With the hours saved on manual tasks, their team is able to focus on building and maintaining client and candidate relationships.

Fuse now have had better communication with their candidates via a variety of channels, such as text messaging, email, calls, social media, and surveys. Nicole states she can, “maximise the effort we put into a piece of content by sending it out multiple times throughout its relevant life cycle. As we are also engaging with our database more often via different channels, we are receiving more feedback at more stages of the process, which we can take action to improve our automation, or it provides insight for training purposes for our team.” Through automated surveys sent to candidates, they are able to capture essential information such as skills and job categories that are searchable by their consultants for better matching results. Every interaction and response is noted directly into Bullhorn. “Our consultants love having candidate profiles up to date or having clients re-engaged automatically who may have slipped through the cracks a few months ago”, Mathew said.

Nicole says, “Being able to automate as much as we have, our consultants have more time on their hands. It also means each candidate gets the same experience.” With the automations in place, there is less room for human error. “Our regular engagements via automation puts our brand front of mind for both our candidates and clients”, Nicole notes. Furthermore, to ensure there is no room for compliance errors, notifications such as the Casual Conversion Notice via Bullhorn Automation have been automated, meeting their legal obligations with ease. “Automation in the right part of the process has made the biggest difference to us”, Mathew stated.

Looking to the future, Mathew and Nicole believe they can further streamline their processes. In particular, Nicole is excited to “keep pushing the boundaries on how we can use Bullhorn Automation to improve our offerings for clients and candidates.” Automation has allowed Nicole to grow the marketing team in Fuse much faster. They now have a dedicated team working with Bullhorn Automation daily to “challenge the product and reinvent some of their older automations”, said Nicole. Their goal is to ensure that all automations they have in place have a specific purpose. Nicole says, “As your confidence with Bullhorn Automation grows, the opportunity it offers your business improves. You are only limited by your imagination.”

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