Established in 1989, Hallis has widely expanded with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane delivering services across Australia. The company has a strong reputation for its expertise in the provision of managed services, human resources and workforce management. Hallis offers services in contractor management, service desk management, temporary and permanent recruitment and payrolling solutions with expertise across the breadth of industry sectors.

With this multi-prong approach across different offices in different states, how have Hallis maintained continued high performance across the team?

The Solution

By way of a unified management approach to their team, platform and data, Hallis is able to run as one. Hallis is a progressive agency, currently also partnering with Bullhorn Marketplace Partners, Astute Payroll, cube19 and idibu. With this approach, Hallis is able to provide their team with a single source of truth, across the whole business. There is no need to look across different systems or any data integrity issues, all of which facilitates communication, collaboration and transparency across the business.

We recently spoke to Angela Stringer, Chief Commercial Officer at Hallis to explore how their platform acts as the single source of truth for their team. When Angela joined the business two years ago, she undertook a search for a new system very quickly as support for their legacy system was winding down and functionality was limited. She knew, she needed to look for a solution that would support scalability, flexibility and data analytics – and critically pull all of their business together on a single source of truth.

The Benefits

Since implementing Bullhorn, Hallis has seen multiple benefits from the platform. “In recruitment a critical point of difference is having a database that you can search on quickly to enable you to find information fast” says Angela. Bullhorn allows their team to access the platform at any time to see what they need all in one place, giving them a high level of collaboration. Angela notes, “Bullhorn’s many capabilities and search functionality makes it easy for the team to work in sync to achieve the best results for all stakeholders whether that be our clients, contractors, employees or partners. Bullhorn is fundamental from our front end sales, CRM, candidate tracking, business intelligence, onboarding through to payrolling”.

At Hallis, Astute Payroll integrates directly and seamlessly into Bullhorn. “Both systems are deeply embedded and remain accessible in the business – key to our technology infrastructure”, says Angela. This is a big advantage for the Hallis team as “you can’t afford for your system to crash or the data to be questionable. The moment you start to put data into one system and then have to take it to another system, you are putting the validity and accuracy of that data at risk”. Bullhorn is the “engine” which all other activities operate at Hallis. In fact, you’ll regularly hear the team say things like “the notes in Bullhorn”, “clients in Bullhorn” or “candidates in Bullhorn”. The team to consistently reference back and talk to each other through Bullhorn. They can see what anyone is doing across all their operations, encouraging a high level of collaboration and transparency in the team allowing us to run as one solid enterprise.

Angela sees the growth capability within Bullhorn as their team experiences growth alongside the platform. As new consultants join the team, they are able to easily adapt, “There’s hasn’t been anyone who has come into the business and had any real challenge mastering their space within Bullhorn”.

Hallis views their relationship with Bullhorn as a true partnership. Angela notes, “It’s not just the product itself but the support the team receives that has been phenomenal”. If they want to try anything or have an idea, Angela knows their Bullhorn Account Manager listens and is ready to advise her accordingly.

Demo Bullhorn

Bullhorn is fundamental from our front end sales, CRM, candidate tracking, business intelligence, onboarding through to payrolling.
Angela Stringer Chief Commercial Officer, Hallis

The Future

A key focus for Hallis is the redeployment of candidates and encouraging their consultants to engage candidates in the take up continuous newly arising opportunities. With the support of Bullhorn, Angela sees the consultants connecting business intelligence seamlessly in support of effective re-deployment. With the competitive nature of the recruitment industry and the candidate short market, Angela notes “It’s better to work with people you know as you understand their full capability and aspirations rather than starting the process again.”

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