Link Japan Careers which was founded in 2016, is set up to provide comprehensive services as an all-in one-business and provide international professionals with a worry-free environment within which they can excel.

Through their concept of “Cross-Cultural Design” they help resolve the challenges globalisation poses for staffing, on-boarding and supporting international professionals in each of these areas. They specialise primarily in the education industry in Japan, but also work in the service and IT industries. Bullhorn caught up with Ford Grable, Group Manager of Link Japan Careers to understand how their experience with Bullhorn has been.

The Challenge

The need to start the search for a new ATS came when Link Japan Careers began to expand and develop their offering. They were transitioning their business from a single-partner RPO operation which only needed to handle applications for one type of position, to a model where applicants could also apply for multiple positions.

Ford explained that, “it was clear that the reporting tools we had in place were not going to be up to the task of accurately managing the variety of circumstances we were going to be asking for our KPIs”. Their business wanted to “collect and share documentation with clients in new ways that had new privacy concerns in regards to data management”, changes that their system at the time would not have been accurately able to support. “We started out, as many businesses do, with the tools at hand and got along ok for a while”, Ford said, “but we could easily see that we would get to a point where we would be overwhelmed so we started hunting for SaaS solutions”. Ford explained that their business needed to be able to adapt to whatever their clients were asking for, so a customisable system, that was able to keep up with the growing pace of demand, was going to be a key component to their success.

The Solution

When Link Japan Careers began assessing solutions they connected with eight different companies. Ford detailed that “we reached out to companies that had good word-of-mouth reputation on major staffing-oriented websites, ranging from major players like Oracle to smaller, more Japan oriented companies like Porters/HRBC, and a few in between”. Whilst engaging with technology comparison websites “we found that Bullhorn was the top ranked company on many of the comparison websites”.

From their research, Ford explained that, “we spoke with many companies and their recruiting solutions each seemed to be very good for what they were designed to do for the industry,sector,or circumstances that they were intended to be used in”. However, of all these systems assessed “Bullhorn was the only system that had the range of customisation we required” Ford detailed, “we still had old work processes related to our RPO business that needed to be maintained on top of building in flexibility to handle the more fluid management required for a job placement business”.

Demo Bullhorn

Bullhorn was the only system that had the range of customisation we required.
Ford Grable Link Japan Careers

The Results

Since moving to Bullhorn, Link Japan Careers have seen great benefit in working with a provider who has open API’s. “One of the big advantages Bullhorn could offer is the range of both Marketplace partners and access to third party developers to help build and maintain solutions within the Bullhorn environment” . For Ford, it’s “this flexibility, combined with Bullhorn’s reporting tools like Canvas, really gave us something that helped us stay on top of all parts of our business”.

Bullhorn’s transparency has been a big highlight, with lots of positive feedback, from the Link Japan Careers team. “Between notes, tear sheets, internal notifications, capability to assign tasks and email integration, this has really helped people be able to know exactly what is going on with any candidate, at any time, regardless of who their main point of contact is” Ford explained, “we have a global operation with teams across time zones, so having so much visibility in the system has certainly saved a few middle of the night calls!”. Coupled with visibility, the fact that Bullhorn is also international means that for Link Japan Careers, “the other advantage of Bullhorn is the fact it has the capability to address whatever needs we have, regardless of what region we’re working” explained Ford.

For Link Japan Career’s they feel their recent account management has been a breath of fresh air. Ford detailed that they have been involved in “a series of weekly meetings with customer success agents who looked at how we were using Bullhorn and suggested new ways to get more from what we had, connections to Marketplace partners and even industry roundtables with other recruiting companies in Japan and Asia/Oceania”. Their account manager has reminded them about great resources on offer, and made sure they are always kept informed on the latest Bullhorn and industry news. “The IT team has always been quick to respond and follow-up on solutions, even though some of those involve Bullhorn resources located in the UK or North America, and we appreciate that Bullhorn will make time for our third party development partners to help with their questions too”.

The Future

For Japan Link Careers, RPO will be a big part of what they do for the foreseeable future, but they expect growth in their job placement services overtime. “Bullhorn is best positioned to cover whatever direction our business might go” Ford stated, “Other ATS may perform specialised tasks better without customisation, but only Bullhorn has the flexibility and customisation capabilities that can grow with our changing business”.


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