Lloyd Connect, founded in 2016, is a boutique recruitment agency that services the non-profit, healthcare, IT and professional services industry. Headquartered in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, Lloyd Connect specialises in Recruitment as a Service, Consulting, Talent Pooling, End-to-End Recruitment, Outplacement Services, and Talent Acquisition. Lloyd Connect’s partnership-driven approach to working with clients formed the basis of its Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) model.

The Challenge

When Jenny Lloyd, Chief Connector and Founder of Lloyd Connect, started her agency, she never expected business to ramp as quickly as it did. What started as a one-person operation in Jenny’s spare bedroom quickly evolved into a team of two, and ultimately, a team of seven and a move to a coworking space.

As business ramped up, it quickly became clear that Lloyd Connect required a software solution beyond the basic, temporary CRM her team was using. The tipping point came when a large, new client introduced new needs to the organisation; “We won a major piece of work with a new client and needed a better solution to manage the end-to-end recruitment process, in particular, candidate engagement and workflow management,” Jenny said.

Choosing Bullhorn was “a simple case of talking to my other agency owners, in-particular NPA owners, and finding out what works for them and why the Bullhorn ATS/CRM was their first choice,” Jenny said. “Once I saw the capability and the ease at which I could navigate Bullhorn, my mind was made up that we needed it at Lloyd Connect.”

Having worked in the recruitment industry for over 20 years, Jenny had had her fair share of experience with other ATS’. “Once I saw the difference that Bullhorn offered, it was the only choice, as the system we had been using in the early days of Lloyd Connect was really just a document storing system,” Jenny explained. “I knew from past experience what capabilities I was looking for in an ATS and Bullhorn ticked those boxes.”

The Results

Jenny’s team has plenty of positive feedback to share around their experience adopting Bullhorn, particularly those that are new to the sector. According to Jenny, one team member remarked, “The system is quite user friendly and easy to grasp. As a newbie to the industry, the system allowed me to understand the links between clients and candidates.”

Where Jenny’s team sees particular success is the time-saving features Bullhorn has introduced, such as bulk emailing, email templates for interview confirmations, and candidate search when looking for specific skills/keywords. Despite these successes, Jenny notes that, “As a team, we certainly see we have only scratched the surface of the capabilities of Bullhorn.”

Demo Bullhorn

Once I saw the capability and the ease at which I could navigate Bullhorn, my mind was made up that we needed it at Lloyd Connect.
Jenny Lloyd Lloyd Connect

The Future

As Lloyd Connect continues to grow, Jenny hopes to see that even more correspondence is sent/received through Bullhorn so that almost every interaction is readily available within notes. Additionally, Jenny hopes to expand on Lloyd Connect’s use of the reporting functionality. “As we continue to grow the team and the more data is stored in Bullhorn, if someone is away, another consultant can pick it straight up and keep the process moving,” Jenny said.

Lloyd Connect is currently exploring integrations from Kyloe Partners offered through Bullhorn’s Marketplace Partner program. They plan to introduce more advanced automations to reduce time consuming tasks and enhance workflow and reference checking processes.

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