Working out of London, The Conexus Group are made up of five companies (Pentasia, iGaming Academy, Marden, Ambra, and Partis Solutions) that operate in the consulting, recruitment, and training space. The focus is on tech (particularly gaming), and this specialisation has seen the group carve out a lucrative niche in a relatively short amount of time.

The Conexus Group have a proud history of recruitment and training in the tech industry. The London-based operation encompass five brands, and each have a different focus within the sphere. With a wealth of experience, the group offers its companies guidance and strategic direction, helping each to identify opportunities and fully capitalise on them.

As The Conexus Group’s Digital Brand Manager, Will Sawney is charged with ensuring that the tech focus within the four walls of Conexus is every bit as great as that projected by its member companies. So when he identified some serious inefficiencies in the way the group was operating, the search for a solution began in earnest.

The Challenge

An old database clogged with long-forgotten candidates made it impossible for recruiters to efficiently make placements.

With a legacy database that had been built up over a decade and a half, the team’s ATS held an enviable amount of candidates. The issue was that the overwhelming majority of entries were either dormant, incomplete, or out of date. “Candidates generally heard from us once or twice immediately following their registration,” Sawney explains, “But beyond that, if they weren’t relevant at the time we would generally lose communication within six to 12 months.”

With thousands of candidates on the system, manually re-engaging wasn’t a realistic approach, so Sawney was stuck for ideas. “We didn’t have the capacity or the technology to bring these relationships back to life.”

The Solution

By using Herefish to automatically communicate with candidates, old talent was re-engaged and new applicants were no longer lost or forgotten.

Initially, Sawney assumed that his issue was unique, and tried to solve it in-house. “We thought we required a complex, custom-integrated communications tool to allow us to personalise and automate campaigns. We even investigated building one.” But happily, he stumbled upon something even better. “When Herefish arrived on the scene, it covered all those requirements and more. It was quick and easy to import lots of what we already did into Herefish, which instantly saved us time and effort.”

Once they had integrated Herefish by Bullhorn with their database and processes, Conexus soon began to build communication campaigns that aimed to reignite relationships with long-forgotten candidates and keep new applicants eager and engaged. They set up automated email campaigns that checked in with a candidate at specific points in their journey, ensuring that no individual would be left to languish in the depths of their ATS again.

Demo Bullhorn


“We put careful thought and planning into the best possible long term candidate experience, spanning months and even years. We now have great confidence that Herefish is automating timely interactions on our behalf. Our inboxes are topped up every single day with new and revived candidate interactions.”

Herefish is a Swiss army knife for recruitment communications and provides the missing 'marketing' link for our CRM.
Will Sawney Conexus

The Future

Re-engagement saw The Conexus Group’s pool of available talent greatly expand, and its database once again became a reliable source of quality candidates.

Since deciding on Herefish by Bullhorn as its recruitment marketing automation tool of choice, Conexus have seen some mind-astounding results in a very short amount of time. “Emails to lapsed candidates, even after years of no activity, average a 10% response rate. This translates to hundreds of candidate interactions a month for us,” says Sawney. And because the system is automated, all of these interactions are obtained through zero effort on the recruiters’ behalf.

“We also have a campaign designed to capture those new leads that aren’t reached by consultants on the first try. At the end of month one, this effort is achieving a 97% success rate.”

“Herefish has closed multiple loops. We’ve used it to clean up data behind-the-scenes, to trigger timely reminders for consultants, and to give candidates the chance to control their own accounts.

“If I’m honest, I’m not sure if everyone in our teams fully understands the full capabilities of Herefish exactly… but it’s the most popular product we’ve introduced to date. When our tool is delivering high-value candidates to consultants’ inboxes at exactly the right moment, we become the most popular department in the company,” Sawney declares with a wink.

A formidable reputation in the tech sphere doesn’t necessarily translate to an attitude of early adoption internally—there are more than a few tech companies who rely on rickety old legacy systems within their own offices. But as The Conexus Group have shown, if you’re able to identify an issue, and are open to exploring new tools in order to solve it, the benefits can stretch far further than you think.

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