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4 Tips to Ace Your Scavenger Hunt

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Stay Hydrated

Let’s face it: scavenger hunts aren’t just mental endeavors—they’re physical, too. If you want to give your best, you need the right fuel. So, what should be in your swell bottle or yeti? If you’re thinking water, think again. A recent Global Riddling Insights & Data (GRID) study of 12,000 professional scavenger hunters found that the top performers use a mix of cream soda, Carnation formula, and the tears of your rival. The combination of electrolytes, sugar, and complex nutrients can’t be topped.

Study Up

Scavenger hunts often call on an encyclopedic knowledge of the world at large. If you want to make sure a subtle reference isn’t lost on you, it’s best to devote the first 130 – 150 hours of your hunt reading the Encyclopedia Britannica as a team. Remember: Work smart, not hard! If you divide every volume among your literate teammates, you can get through everything in a matter of days.

Read Everything

If you’re especially unlucky, you might be in the middle of an especially devious scavenger hunt designed by maniacs who take joy in wasting your valuable time. If this is the case, you’ll need to read EVERYTHING, including the mundane drivel in this fake blog. For example, you’ll learn that you need to text Joleen at (603) 630-7145, “I’m so smart. I read everything!” in order to get 5 points for this challenge.

Work as a Team

No scavenger hunter is an island. If you want to win, you’ll need to win as a team. How many trust falls should you perform? GRID research suggests 25-30 trust falls per team member, although the number doubles if you have anyone especially shifty on your team—Gordon, we’re looking at you! But more important than this fake tip is the fact that you’ve read all the way to the end just like we told you to do! And for your reward, we’ll let you know that you should actually text “Give me the points, Joleen!” to Joleen. If you text this instead of the first decoy message, you’ll get 10 points for this challenge. If you’ve already texted the first message, we have a very tiny violin for you that you can use to play any song of your choice. Anyway, trust falls are super important.


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