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Is Your ATS Linked In? The Benefits of LinkedIn Integration

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Everyone knows what they say about assumptions, but here are two anyway: If you work in staffing, there’s a good chance you use an ATS, and there’s a great chance you use LinkedIn. But are you using both together? If you’d like to improve your productivity and cut down wasted time, you should seriously consider doing so. Here are some reasons why.

LinkedIn is Here to Stay

The technology world is full of rapid rises and even more rapid declines. Even social media is no stranger to the phenomenon—just ask MySpace.  So what makes LinkedIn such a sure bet? For starters, the social media giant reached half a billion members this year. That’s greater than the population of the U.S. and Japan combined. It also has considerable staying power. LinkedIn has been the social network of choice for recruiters for more than four consecutive years. It’s also contributed to social media’s role as a top-three sourcing option over that same time span.

LinkedIn Integration Makes for More Efficient Searching

Have you ever found the perfect new candidate only to discover they’re already in your candidate database? And on top of that, the information you have on the candidate is out-of-date?

An official integration with LinkedIn Recruiter will prevent that frustrating scenario from ever happening. With LinkedIn ATS integration, contacts on LinkedIn will be tagged to ensure that you have a complete view of your candidates. You’ll be able to pull up their record by clicking on the candidate’s name and view all pertinent information. You’ll also be able to make any updates to the candidate’s records as needed.

It Streamlines the Sourcing Process

A big part of creating a sustainable and effective sourcing process is to eliminate as many unnecessary steps as possible. Because the ATS is your central hub for recruiting activity, it makes a great deal of sense to contain as much activity in your ATS.  Viewing LinkedIn profiles of candidates and contacts directly within your ATS reduces the need to open multiple browser windows and flip between various applications. It also ensures that any of your LinkedIn activity will be logged within your ATS, cutting the places you need to look when tracking a recruiter’s relationship with a candidate. The end result?Your recruiters, sales professionals, and managers all save countless time they can put back into building valuable relationships.

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