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The Future of Staffing Software

Some of the most difficult challenges of running a successful staffing business lie in the processes that drive time collection, pay/bill management, and real-time margin reporting. These processes are mission-critical and foundational to any staffing business, yet many firms tell us that they feel stuck or limited by the options available in the market today.

We have decided that it’s time for that to change. It’s time to expand the market-leading staffing front office platform with bulletproof pay/bill management as reliable as your brand, delivering a unified front and back office that’s modern, easy-to-use, and flexible enough to meet the evolving complexity of the staffing industry today and tomorrow.

One Front-to-Back Solution for All of Your Staffing Needs

The benefits of a unified, front-to-back staffing solution are clear. A single source of truth for all candidate, job, placement, opportunity, timesheet, and invoice data improves decision-making quality for every member of your organization, from your salespeople to your executives. Streamline operations by putting worker timesheets at your recruiters’ fingertips, empower your salespeople with up-to-date invoice aging and client quality reports, and truly understand your business by tying front-office activity to back-office financial metrics, like gross margin by hour, business line, and office. With the introduction of Bullhorn Middle Office, we have expanded Bullhorn’s market-leading ATS/CRM to deliver the industry’s most robust end-to-end staffing platform.

Pay/Bill Processing as Reliable as Your Brand

Inaccurate paychecks or invoices are the fastest way to lose a client. We know how important reputation is for sustaining a healthy, long-term staffing business, and your ability to quickly and accurately process time for pay/bill is what lays the foundation for lasting, positive business relationships. The new Bullhorn Middle Office has been built from the ground up specifically for the intricacies of the staffing revenue flow, and is designed to function with the same integrity that you provide to your clients and candidates.


Master the Complexity of Your Business

The expanding pay/bill requirements of a growing firm often weave a messy web of billing parameters, rates, and calculation rules that rapidly become difficult to manage efficiently. New clients, regions, industries, jobs, specialties, shifts - each adds a new dimension of complexity to your timesheet and billing processes. Firms often throw new clerks and manual steps at this problem to keep their business running day to day, and are often unaware of just how inefficient their processes become over time. The Middle Office is a critical function to improve when you’re trying to do more with less. Reduce friction from your cash flow by automating complex, headcount-intensive processes.

What's Inside?


Bullhorn Middle Office represents the largest investment in middle office software by any staffing software vendor, ever. We are committed to delivering best-in-class software for your entire staffing workflow. Middle Office expands the Bullhorn platform with the following:

United End-to-End Solution


Single Source of Truth

We've built new spaces to store both pay/bill configuration and transaction data - from candidate details to invoice terms, and from new job openings to gross margin by placement - all in one database. Real-time visibility into critical data for every role is at your fingertips.

Built for the Future

The staffing industry is changing, and we allow firms to adapt to those changes with an ever-evolving technology stack. Your business will benefit from increased value over time as a result of the vendor making the industry’s largest annual investment in staffing software, built entirely in the cloud using true SaaS principles and ready for the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence.

Time and Expense


Time Interpretation

Region, industry, and client-specific time-interpretation rules - rest assured that payroll and billing values for each minute worked are calculated correctly.


Approvals designed with the behavioral nuances of client approvers in mind; we consistently eliminate the majority of late and missed approvals with our automated approval management system.

Time Collection

Web, mobile, punchclock, VMS, fax, IVR - we support any time collection mode you can think of. Regardless of the time and expense challenges you are facing, we can help solve them.

Billing and Invoicing


Invoice Flexibility

Split, group, and summarize your data by any field involved in the data capture process. Edit individual line items as needed, or add and remove them on an ad-hoc basis when tweaks are required.

Client-Level Configuration

Configure billing parameters that meet each of your clients' demands for data grouping, invoice formatting, and delivery/billing schedules - all from within Bullhorn. Once configured, these parameters drive automated, efficient, and accurate invoice processing.

Error Management

Efficiently manage pay/bill errors and issues with a built-in exception queue and streamlined adjustments process.

Do you worry about:

  • Inaccurate or delayed paychecks and invoices?
  • Limited visibility into your most profitable lines of business?
  • Timely manager approval of timesheets?
  • VMS timesheet data management?
  • Flexible Invoicing that meets varying client requirements?
  • Empowering your workforce with global access to back-office data?

We have been working hard to build a new, best-in-class middle office solution, native to the Bullhorn platform and seamlessly connected with our leading front-office. Inaccurate pay/bill is the fastest way to put your client relationships at risk, and we are committed to delivering a rock-solid system that maximizes accuracy while also delivering a unified front-to-back experience.



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