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What results have these customers seen by leveraging pay and bill with Bullhorn One?

1 %

increase in revenue

Bullhorn enabled IDR to eliminate time-consuming processes and increase the accuracy of their back office operations, growing their revenue from $50M to $150M without increasing headcount.

40- 1 %

greater efficiency

While the light industrial industry can be very fast paced, The Resource Company has used Bullhorn One to be an efficient team. They have utilized the platform to automate many of their recruiter’s administrative tasks.

1 %

decrease in invoicing time

eHire, a firm that specializes in IT, sales, and marketing, created a single source of truth for all candidate, job, placement, opportunity, timesheet, and invoice data with Bullhorn One.

Why are firms choosing Bullhorn One?

Firms are using our solution to achieve more with their existing team

What are some popular billing features customers leverage to achieve more efficiency?

When you’re able to collect time fast, get your invoices right and the way your clients want to see them, you get paid faster. Here are three popular features:

Digital time collection

  • Eliminate manual paperwork 
  • Effectively capture, approve, and interpret time from all sources 
  • Bulk upload timesheet information with ease

Client rate agreements

  • Reduce time spent weekly on managing rate details
  • Create rate cards by work location and by job title for each client
  • Set up multiple invoice templates with flexible design to meet client needs

Customer required fields

  • Invoices provide more comprehensive information for clients
  • Automatically incorporate custom fields, such as project codes, into your invoices
  • Set and choose custom fields to display on invoices, and use them to group and subtotal invoices without manual intervention

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