What is the talent lifecycle?


Pull talent in through job boards and follow up right away to ensure they don't slip through the cracks.


Engage the talent already in your database with the right message, at the right time, for the right opportunities.


Deliver a seamless and positive experience in the lead up to the first day and throughout the first weeks on the job.


Proactively nurture throughout their assignment so you can easily engage them for their next role, increasing the rate of redeployment.

Old Way

New Way


Old Way

Letting candidates fall into a black hole after they apply

New Way

Following up with candidates the moment they apply, getting more out of your job board spend


Old Way

Leaving it up to recruiters to remember to keep candidates up to date at every step of the hiring process

New Way

Connecting with talent throughout the entire lifecycle through automated personalized touch points


Old Way

Forgetting about candidates once they are on assignment

New Way

Engaging candidates frequently in the lead up to their first day and beyond, reducing the rate of no-shows


Old Way

Reinventing the wheel with each search and neglecting the redeployment opportunity

New Way

Turning active employees into a viable talent pool through dedicated engagement streams, reducing your cost to acquire talent

Staffing firms that leverage the Connected Recruiting model see:

Get More Out of Your Job Board Spend

60% Placements From Database

Allen Recruitment is seeing over 60% of their placements come from their database.

“It’s all about making more placements out of the candidates we have in our database. That’s the game.”

-Brian Cunningham, Allen Recruitment

Higher Response Rates

10% Average Response Rate

Conexus has seen some mind-astounding results in a very short amount of time.

“Emails to lapsed candidates, even after years of no activity, average a 10% response rate. This translates to hundreds of candidate interactions a month for us.”

-Will Sawney, Conexus

Higher Redeployment Rates

30% Redeployment Rate

Signature Consultants has been able to increase its redeployment rate to 30%.

“Our redeployment has been exceptionally high—around 30%—and Automation has been a component of that success.”

-Mandy Franje, Signature Consultants

Where do you start?

Whether you are an experienced recruiting automation user or are just getting started, here are recruitment-specific automations that you can implement now.

Learn More about Bullhorn Automation

Candidate Engagement

Increase conversion of existing talent pool by re-engaging candidates in your ATS.

Application Confirmation

Trigger application confirmation email (and text) messages to candidates who apply to your job postings.

New Applicant Follow Up

Start engaging with new applicants the second they apply and don't let good talent slip through the cracks.

Data Hygiene

Update, maintain, and populate data in your CRM and ATS for top-notch data hygiene and usability.

Update Candidate Resume

Gather and load updated candidate information (including resumes) directly into your ATS.

Where to go from here?

Take a look at our Automation Library below for step-by-step playbooks to help you at every stage of the Connected Recruiting lifecycle.

Want to learn more about Connected Recruiting?

Happy to connect and show you all the ways you can keep your talent engaged.

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