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How Corporate Brokers Enhances Communication and Trust with Asurint Background Screenings

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Corporate Brokers is headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, and has branches in Arlington, Virginia, and Tampa, Florida. The firm operates three divisions: Corporate Brokers, which handles staff augmentation for IT infrastructure and network support; Tential for outsourced IT development projects; and Asphire for customer service staffing. All told, the company manages a recruitment pipelines stretching to 1,070 new placements per year.

The agency prides itself on open communications, among internal teams and with candidates. But with time, they found that their background screening partner wasn’t doing enough to help them facilitate the strong relationships on which the business depends.

The Challenge

A key problem for Corporate Brokers was turnaround. “It is so critical for us to ensure that we meet the deadlines and requirements of our customers,” says Maggie Williams, Director of Operations.

Unfortunately, consistent delays in background screenings had the human resources team and even sales representatives pitching in to complete education and employment verifications in time to place candidates. Not only was the “all hands on deck” approach compromising revenue-generating activities, it was undermining trust.


“A background check can make or break an employee start. If an employee doesn’t start, that’s lost revenue for us and lost commission for the sales team.”


Sales representatives landing new accounts worried whether the agency would be able to meet the contractual requirements. HR questioned whether the background search provider would come through. And candidates bombarded with numerous emails and requests for documentation were left wondering if this was the firm to turn to with their career goals.

Trying it On

Corporate Brokers wanted something better. They knew they needed customizable background search packages to meet clients’ varied screening requirements, as well as full-service education and employment verifications to remove that burden once and for all. What’s more, the importance of communication meant that Corporate Brokers expected an exceedingly high level of customer service—not just email or chat response, but a person on the other
end of the phone who could resolve any issue quickly. Integration with the agency’s Bullhorn ATS system was also a priority. And when Corporate Brokers added Able to their HR toolkit, they were pleasantly surprised to find Asurint integrated with that software, too. The clincher, though, was a head-to-head test. Acutely aware that a sales pitch doesn’t always align with the actual product or service, Maggie utilized the trial period Asurint offers clients. Her team ran half of pending background searches through the existing provider and half through Asurint’s system. They quickly discovered that there was just no comparison.


“I can tell you right now, we’ve gotten results back in literally 5 to 10 minutes in counties where it would take 7 to 10 days before.”


Regaining Time, Rebuilding Trust

With the decision made, Asurint proceeded with search-package customization that had all three divisions up and running in short order. And Corporate Brokers enjoyed an immediate, positive impact. No more verification fire drills. And no more concern over whether all background screening components would come together in time.

The process is better for candidates as well. Background screening is now fully integrated with onboarding and easier for new employees to complete. And that’s done more than make the great first impression Corporate Brokers always wanted.


“We’re seeing better employee engagement from the get-go.”


When talent is your business, a background screening partnership that improves team relationships and drives employee satisfaction is a powerful advantage, one Corporate Brokers is glad to have secured.
It relieved a lot of stress for the sales team, and they trust us more.