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Andiamo Partners is a data-driven recruiting firm focused on technology placements. Headquartered in New York, Andiamo has offices in Ontario, Texas, New Jersey, and Arizona. Andiamo has been placing engineers at large technology and finance companies since 2003.

The Challenge

For years, Andiamo was using a proprietary system to track and manage candidates. While the system worked well and was highly customizable, it had one huge problem; any time the Andiamo team wanted to make a change, it had to be spec’d and developed internally by their on-site developer.

Daniel McAdams, Andiamo’s President, said that “As our company grew, our system didn’t really grow with it. We started to have issues with lag time, the system going slowly, and issues around business intelligence.” Any time they needed a report from their data, their developer would have to develop it as well as make any changes the team saw fit. Often, by the time the report was created, it was irrelevant.

When the team decided to look for a solution, one thing was clear; “We wanted to be able to leverage a team of developers that we couldn’t hire ourselves.” The team wanted a fast system that connected with their various plugins and integrations, without having to pay for developers. “So we finally decided, rather than building it all ourselves, why don’t we have someone else build it and just pay them for it?”

The Solution

According to Daniel, Bullhorn was the first solution they looked at. “I always knew through my interactions with other people in the industry that Bullhorn was the most trusted source in recruiting software, so I think it was just natural that I went to Bullhorn first. We did check out other platforms in a really cursory way, but we quickly realized they were not going to meet our needs.” In 2019, Andiamo purchased Bullhorn ATS & CRM, Bullhorn Canvas, Bullhorn Onboarding, and Bullhorn Back Office, powering their start to finish recruiting lifecycle and gaining access to Bullhorn’s robust open ecosystem.

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During their shift from NYCE to Bullhorn, Andiamo leveraged Bullhorn marketplace partner Newbury SI Group to assist with the data migration and implementation. According to Daniel, Newbury took a daunting project and made it simple. “When we’re moving massive amounts of data from an old system into a new system, there’s obviously a fear that there will be data loss,” Daniel said, “but there wasn’t any.”

Newbury set up the migration in a step-by-step process that not only moved Andiamo’s data over seamlessly but also helped the Andiamo team learn exactly how they wanted to use and customize Bullhorn based on how they did business. “There are so many different options for how you can use Bullhorn for our recruiting process, and Newbury really helped us hone in on how we want to use it.”

Platform Customizability and Extensibility

Moving from a proprietary system—and therefore a completely customized system—to Bullhorn meant that customization was top-of-mind for the Andiamo team. “Every company is going to have a different business process, and the fact that we could customize Bullhorn to suit our internal recruiting process was extremely helpful,” Daniel said. Specifically, Bullhorn’s open API technology and Marketplace ecosystem allowed Andiamo to accomplish much of what they needed. “Being able to connect to Bullhorn through the API was a big plus for us. But then, being able to use that through the Marketplace and having those pre-built integrations with other applications we use was helpful, as well,” Daniel said.

Ease of Reporting

Andiamo also purchased Canvas to power its ad hoc reporting within Bullhorn ATS & CRM. “Canvas was a big part of our decision so that we’d have access to all of our data and would be able to run reports in real-time. It has been extremely helpful from a management perspective.”

With Canvas, Daniel and his team are able to look at their return on investment through reports such as submittal to interview, interview to on-site, on-site to offer, and offer to placement ratio, which they never had the ability to run prior. Daniel is also able to work with recruiters on a monthly and quarterly basis, to improve best practices through the user activity report, which focuses on what recruiters are working on, where their success has been, and allows management to help them focus their time most effectively. One of Andiamo’s most interesting uses of Bullhorn Canvas is a report that they run when a new position opens up with a specific skillset; the report allows them to look at positions in the past with that same skillset or specialty in order to identify candidates who went to a final round interview and thus will be the first candidates contacted due to their increased likelihood of success. Before Canvas, every report had to be run through Andiamo’s in-house developer. With Canvas, reporting is at their fingertips.

With Newbury, I felt like we were really taken care of in terms of having somebody who managed the entire implementation process and worked with us closely to make sure that nothing was forgotten. All of the features of Bullhorn Onboarding have been pretty revolutionary for our business in terms of saving us more time and making us look more professional to our candidates.
Daniel McAdams President, Andiamo

The Results

Speed of Search

According to Daniel, speed is one of the biggest differentiators between their old system and Bullhorn. “The biggest difference between our proprietary system and Bullhorn is that the time it takes us to do our jobs has gone down significantly. One of the reasons for that is the speed of the system. There’s almost zero lag time in our searches.” With their old system, Daniel explained that searches could take upwards of 20 minutes, “It used to be that with our old system, people would run a search, go to lunch, and when they came back it was done.”

Access to Data

One of Daniel’s favorite aspects of Bullhorn is the centralization of data, and how it allows his team to make quick, yet data-driven, business decisions. “A big thing for us is having full access to our data in our reporting so that we can make changes and be agile in our business practices. We can make real-time changes as needed, and we can see the results of those changes happening in the system.”

“The way the system is organized is very user-friendly. For example, Bullhorn separates out jobs from candidates, placements from submissions, so there is a place to monitor whatever data I need, without even having to go to reports in many cases.”

Streamlined Onboarding

Prior to purchasing Bullhorn Onboarding, onboarding candidates was completely paper-based and conducted over the phone or by scanning and sending documents back and forth. With Bullhorn Onboarding, Andiamo has already saved a ton of manual time by automating simple tasks and relieving employees of mundane, administrative work. “Onboarding dropped from a two-week process to two days,” Daniel said, “But the real-time saved is mostly in the fact that everything runs through the system and we don’t have to recreate documents.”

Time saved aside, Daniel appreciates the positive change to the candidate experience as a result of purchasing Bullhorn Onboarding. “It makes us look a lot more professional in our candidate interactions, and the candidate experience is much better because they’re not receiving multiple emails asking for information,” Daniel said. “Candidates are now receiving information requests in one place, and they’re able to work through the onboarding process in a streamlined fashion.”

Automated Back Office

Prior to Bullhorn Back Office, Andiamo’s time collection process was extremely manual. Candidates would send their written timesheets to Andiamo by scanning and emailing them. From there, the Andiamo team would have to create payroll and invoices separately, which was incredibly laborious and time-consuming. “To have Back Office not only be able to collect the time and get approval, but to have that integrate into our payroll and finance system has been a huge timesaver.” With Bullhorn, Andiamo’s back office processes went from two weeks a month to about two days a month.

The Future

While Bullhorn is still new to the Andiamo team, Daniel sees continued success in the future as the company grows and continues to automate their start to finish solution, “Bullhorn will continue to create efficiencies that will give us the ability to spend more of our time recruiting and less of our time on manual processes.”

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