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Bullhorn Customer Improves Candidate Experience by Implementing Onboarding and Back Office Products

Anonymous was founded in 1998 and currently has 18 offices spanning the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Texas, and California. The company primarily provides temporary staffing for the distribution and construction industries. Anonymous used Bullhorn’s front office software for a year before adding Bullhorn Back Office and Onboarding in 2016.



Prior to implementing Bullhorn Onboarding, the company handled paper applications along with tax forms and other documents manually, with recruiters and administrators entering data into the front office software. Kat of Anonymous describes the process as “super, super time consuming.” Along with the laborious manual data entry, employees also dealt with issues such as deciphering bad handwriting. They tried an online program similar to Docusign where they could type in information, and oftentimes this program would freeze, causing them to lose all of their previous work. Many less technologically-savvy candidates struggled to complete their paperwork efficiently.


For Anonymous, knowing that Bullhorn Onboarding was fully integratable with Bullhorn’s front office software was a huge plus. Being able to send documents directly from Bullhorn Onboarding was yet another feature that stood out in their decision to purchase the software. Now with Onboarding, recruiters spend significantly less time dealing with tedious, administrative tasks. They can now gather more data, view a candidate’s application status, reach out to the candidate if needed, and deliver a better experience overall to candidates. Candidates who may not have access to a computer, or aren’t comfortable using them, can now visit the office directly and use a computer while receiving the guidance they need. “The fact that we allow [our candidates] to come in and use a computer set-up in our office is huge, because a lot of our candidates don’t have computers,” Kat says. She recommends Onboarding, mostly because it “definitely helps you stay organized,” which in turn has saved time for recruiters and administrators.



For Anonymous, one factor in the decision to use Bullhorn Back Office (BBO) was its online time entry portal for workers and clients to submit and approve time. The company also appreciated BBO’s ease of use, considering that many of their candidates tend to be less technologically inclined. Another factor they appreciated was the ability to customize and downsize their application. They had wanted to streamline the application using their old system, but were unable to due to the system’s limitations. According to Kat, “Being able to have candidates and clients submit and approve time without you having to do anything is great.” They have also been able to reduce manual entry by recruiters significantly, with Kat stating “It has cut down a decent amount of time spent on the data entry aspect,” Kat says. She adds that, “The sorting aspect is almost completely gone, because [Bullhorn] does it all for us.” Additionally Anonymous can now take advantage of Bullhorn’s mobile-first application architecture, another huge benefit for those candidates who do not have personal computers. All in all, Bullhorn Back Office affords an easier, more positive candidate experience while saving recruiters considerable time. “It has helped immensely,” Kat says.

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