Bullhorn S Release Translates into Faster Placements and More Profitable Client Relationships

Masiello Employment Services is an independent, family-owned staffing agency headquartered in Keene, New Hampshire. Founded in 1986, Masiello handles temp and temp-to-hire positions within light industrial and office administrative roles. Masiello originally used MaxHire for all of their applicant tracking and client relationship management needs. However, MaxHire’s email integration wasn’t useful, and the system was slow. Overall, the system didn’t provide an intuitive, user-friendly design. “It was almost too complicated to build custom searches in MaxHire,” remarked Jason Chagnon, President and CEO of Masiello.

Leader in Recruiting Seeks Leader in True Cloud

After realizing MaxHire was unable to address the changing needs of the business, Chagnon turned to the top performer in True Cloud ATS and CRM solutions. “We realized Bullhorn was the true leader in cloud software,” said Chagnon. “Bullhorn had spent the longest amount of time perfecting cloud-based technology compared to any other vendor. Plus, Bullhorn had the best back-end and UI.” Chagnon vetted Avionte, Akken, and Bond Staffsuite alongside Bullhorn, but the solution to his business challenges was clear. “For me, it was a no-brainer,” declared Chagnon. “As Masiello progressed and the demands of the business changed, I had a keen understanding of what we needed. I could tell that Bullhorn is an amazing product.”

Bullhorn vs. the Competition is No Contest

“One of the biggest benefits of Bullhorn S Release is speed,” stated Chagnon. “You wouldn’t believe how quickly one of my recruiters can access a candidate with just a keystroke or two.” It’s Bullhorn’s lightning-fast speed that allows Chagnon to onboard associates quicker. “S Release is definitely faster than MaxHire” said Chagnon. “It’s better looking and more intuitive for our users.” Learning the system is straightforward and easy, even for individuals who lack technical savviness. “Bullhorn helps us train our employees far better than MaxHire or other competitors ever could.” For Chagnon and the team at Masiello, the difference is night and day. “Before, we were spending time with our recruiters teaching them the system,” stated Chagnon. “With Bullhorn, it’s built correctly and it teaches them how to use the system. It’s that intuitive. Our team simply watched a few videos and they were up and running. It’s made a huge difference and I’m a big believer in Bullhorn.”

It’s that same speed and efficiency that enabled Masiello’s business to grow. “In a field such as light industrial, it can be difficult and time-consuming to find the right candidates,” maintained Chagnon. “We’re not simply searching terms, we’re creating custom fields.” Bullhorn’s saved search capabilities make light work of what was once a time-consuming process. Those minutes saved translate into margin growth for Masiello. “With Bullhorn, I’ve seen an upswing in covering jobs faster and more efficiently,” stated Chagnon. “I can absolutely say we’ve experienced an increase in customers and positions. As a company, we’re excited to see what Bullhorn will help us achieve in the future.”

Looking Ahead with Back Office Integration

Masiello has experienced such great success and improved performance with Bullhorn’s latest recruiting software update, S Release, that Chagnon plans to elevate his team’s productivity even further. “We’re planning on integrating Bullhorn Back Office with our current system,” commented Chagnon. “Being able to automate our time sheets and invoicing will save us a significant amount of time and will definitely set our agency apart from the rest.”

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