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Collinwood Technology Partners Evaluates Candidates' Skills Faster than Ever with IKM and Bullhorn

Collinwood Technology Partners (Collinwood) is a leading provider of IT staffing solutions, contract staffing, permanent placement, project recruiting, and consulting-to-hire. In addition, Collinwood works closely with its clients in order to assist in overcoming obstacles, finding the right talent, and delivering excellent service. Collinwood has been in business for over three years and is headquartered in Chicago, IL, and services organizations throughout North America.




Collinwood’s leadership team was searching for an assessments partner to provide the team with a competitive edge in the marketplace and allow them to screen candidates’ IT skills and knowledge levels regardless of the number of years of work experience. Last year, they honed in on a strategy to redefine the talent pool. First on their list of challenges was to find a way to pinpoint qualified candidates who were being left off the call list despite having the right expertise. The Collinwood team decided to put a strategy into action and trust their assessment provider to raise up qualified candidates no matter their years of work experience.




Noel Wolf, Managing Partner of Collinwood, knew this strategy could work if it accomplished four key requirements:


  1.       Ensure candidates are qualified, even if they don’t meet the typical experience standards.
  2.       Offer a more complete picture of the applicable skills candidates display.
  3.       Swap quantity for quality: submit one or two candidates who will be at the top of the pack.
  4.       Avoid any sacrifices in time and efficiency.




After evaluating numerous options, Collinwood decided to leverage IT TeckChek assessments integrated with Bullhorn. Now, with IT TeckChek assessments, Collinwood recruiters are able to identify the most qualified candidates for the job. Instead of the Collinwood team submitting dozens of candidates and hoping one will stick, they can be more than confident in making a placement.




With IKM and IT TeckChek, candidates spend approximately one hour on an interactive test that truly reveals their overall skills and knowledge. Candidates report that they think the tests are effective in their measurement of real skill. “The candidate’s feedback on IKM’s tests are very positive,” remarks Wolf. “The tests are hard yet intuitive, and we like that. Additionally, the profile reports provide us with a detailed overview how the test taker scored by subtopic: strong, proficient, and weak.”


Collinwood never has to choose between quality and efficiency. Clients receive thorough profile of candidates without having to wait. Wolf states that “by implementing IKM’s assessments and accessing them through Bullhorn, recruiters can interview and send a test link to the candidate—everything is completed within a two or three hour window. IKM IT assessments defines the skills and knowledge of our candidates, and we know we can trust the result.”


The sales team uses IKM’s Skill Worksheets and TestBuild to work with their clients and customize assessments for specific job roles. As a result, recruiters feel confident that the results allow them to really understand the candidate’s skills and knowledge regardless if they have two years of experience or twenty.


IKM and Bullhorn Partnership


In August 2016, IKM and Bullhorn formed a partnership to deliver IKM’s assessments through Bullhorn’s Applicant Tracking System in order to deliver a streamlined process for recruiters and hiring managers.


TeckChek Inc., also known as IKM, provides talent solutions that help clients select the right people for the right job and develop them to their full potential in order to drive business results. IKM’s talent solution assessments utilize proven methodologies to ensure clients can evaluate candidates and employees in the most cost efficient and effective way. By combining performance and knowledge based techniques, staffing professionals can cut the evaluation process in half.

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