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Leading Recruiting Agency Saves 16 Hours with Bullhorn

Building a successful and profitable staffing company can be a daunting task, yet FootBridge has accomplished just that. From early on, FootBridge’s founders knew that their approach would be two-fold: to serve as a competitive resource for hiring talent for energy companies worldwide, and to do so equipped with the best technology available. For Todd Springer and his team, that meant using Bullhorn for their company’s candidate and client relationship management needs.

Prior to using Bullhorn, the team at FootBridge was utilizing an applicant tracking system that served as nothing more than a database of basic information. “It was basically an electronic rolodex, and it was severely limiting at a time when we needed tools to support our desire to grow,” Springer recalled. Coming from an extensive recruiting background, Springer had clear expectations of what he needed in terms of applicant tracking. “We were looking to grow our business and generate more revenue, and so we knew we needed something that could scale alongside us.” FootBridge required a solution that would not only help generate revenue quickly, but also not require costly maintenance or an IT infrastructure that would eat away at the bottom line. “I’ve worked in agencies with an elevated floor and a diesel generator back-up, all just to maintain massive servers,” stated Springer. “We didn’t want to waste time, talent, and money in hosting our own system. We wanted to focus on growing our business.”


Maintaining Relationships, Not Servers

FootBridge looked at several solutions on the market, but none were able to match Bullhorn in terms of scalability, versatility, and a streamlined front-to-back process. “We looked at two or three different vendors, but only Bullhorn offered a full-service platform that met our needs,” Springer remarked. “As a result, we now have a solution that helps my team build better relationships while simultaneously streamlining our back office processes. It has been a win-win in terms of fostering revenue growth and saving time.” Bullhorn’s True Cloud capabilities ensure the team at FootBridge is maintaining relationships rather than servers. “I don’t have to waste valuable resources on our IT infrastructure,” Springer commented. “100% of FootBridge’s resources are focused on the client and candidate experience.”


Saving Time and Money with Bullhorn Back Office

With Bullhorn Back Office, Springer has been able to seamlessly integrate his front and back office process. “Bullhorn Back Office allows for us to have an integrated approached to our back office, and it has eliminated the multiple manual systems we’ve built as we have grown,” stated Springer. “It’s been an invaluable asset for how we run our business.” For FootBridge’s team, they no longer need to enter payroll information into various different systems. “With over 200 people on our payroll, handling the process has proven time-consuming in the past,” Springer said, “but with Bullhorn Back Office, it manages the process for us. We don’t have to chase people down for missing time cards.”

Implementing Bullhorn Back Office not only has saved FootBridge the trouble of duplicating efforts and entering information into multiple systems, but also has saved their agency time and money. “We have been able to eliminate 16 hours of labor per week utilizing Bullhorn Back Office versus our old systems,” said Springer. “We anticipate eliminating even more hours spent as we move more payroll and expense processes into Bullhorn Back Office and get more proficient with the application.”


FootBridge and Bullhorn: A Continuing Relationship

Springer knows the market for enterprise staffing software has become more and more crowded over the years, but has made a conscious decision to stay with Bullhorn. “We realize that, as the consumer, we are at an advantage in terms of being able to transition to another solution if we wanted to do so, but we’ve continued to work with Bullhorn for a reason,” Springer commented. “They’ve been responsive to our needs and are dedicated to ensuring we have the tools we need to succeed in this industry. With Bullhorn, I know their team is as passionate about our growth as we are. You just can’t get that same level of service from other players in the field.”

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