IT and Telecom Recruiting Agency Glotel Cuts Time Spent on Reporting in Half with Bullhorn

Recruiting agencies whose success spans several decades employ the best of everything: the best talent, the best sourcing and hiring strategies, and the best technology. Glotel, a specialized supplier of workforce and project management solutions for wireless solutions and IT/data network industries, has honed this recipe for growth and success. Founded in 1989, Glotel opened its doors as an IT staffing provider. Today, Glotel has evolved into a niche brand, specializing in technical resources and solutions for the entire technology industry across North America. When Glotel was searching for a solution for their applicant tracking and client relationship management, they turned to Bullhorn to address their needs.

Before using Bullhorn, Glotel was using a system that offered very little insight into the recruiters’ activity. “We were using Bond Adapt—the system was slow, and the reports were comprised of arcane files,” remarked Selma Avdic, Sales Operations Manager at Glotel. “It wasn’t user-friendly—reporting required a lot of work and yielded basic metrics. It was very unsophisticated, underwhelming, and overly-complicated. We knew we needed something better.” Glotel looked at other products on the market, but ultimately selected Bullhorn for its friendly user interface, reporting capabilities, and speed. “We were looking at other products, but we chose Bullhorn because it was the best solution for our needs.”

Reporting at the Speed of Your Business

Since implementing Bullhorn, Glotel has experienced marked improvements in productivity and reaction time across the board. “Bullhorn has helped our reporting significantly,” commented Avdic. “Speed was the number one priority when we were considering solutions, and with Bullhorn our recruiting performance is through the roof. Our processes have improved—recruiters have an easier time searching candidates and clients, and the turnaround time is quick to placement.” Production, placement, and turnaround time weren’t the only benefits Glotel enjoyed with Bullhorn. Glotel was able to obtain reporting that was quicker and more insightful than what they had with previous solutions. “Our old system wasn’t user-friendly at all” recalled Avdic. With Bullhorn’s state-of-the-art reporting capabilities, Glotel is able to parse information quickly and gain insight into their business. “In regards to KPI reports, it’s significantly changed for the better,” Avdic stated. “Bullhorn cut the time we spend on reporting in half. It’s been immensely helpful—we’re all thrilled with the boost in recruiting performance.” Glotel is now able to react in real-time and see results instantaneously. Without their processes slowing them down, Glotel has been able to achieve success and expand their business.

A Suite Deal with Bullhorn

With improved processes, hours saved, and increased placements, Glotel is looking to implement an entire suite of Bullhorn products to create a front-to-back solution for their business. “We have Bullhorn ATS, as well as Bullhorn CRM,” Avdic stated, “but we may be interested in incorporating Bullhorn Onboarding as well. Bullhorn offers a lot of solutions, so we’re only limited by what we’d like to accomplish next.” With Bullhorn, Avdic and the team at Glotel are certain of one thing: no matter what the need, Bullhorn has a solution. Avdic remarks “As a growing, highly specialized recruiting agency, we understand what success looks like—for us, that success involves Bullhorn.”

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