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State-of-the-Art Technology for Harrington Starr

Working in close collaboration with Volcanic and Bullhorn, Harrington Starr has built a state-of-the-art flagship website integrated with its CRM to deliver an outstanding user experience.

Fintech recruitment giant Harrington Starr underwent an in-depth research process to source a new website provider. With the business experiencing rapid international growth, the original website had quickly become out of date and offered only basic functionality. The brief was clear: Harrington Starr was looking for a site that would grow with its business and wouldn’t quickly become obsolete in terms of technology, integrations, security and compliance.

A Website that Works to Support Business Growth

Scott Richardson, Global Head of Marketing at Harrington Starr, explains: “Our website hadn’t kept pace with our fast-moving business and had effectively become a holding page with a rudimentary job search and a few blogs—nothing like the exciting video and content we were planning to reflect our brand, as well as the functionality we needed to enhance the user experience.”


What was critical for Harrington Starr was that the technology could support integration with Bullhorn. Using a software-as-a-service platform from a Bullhorn marketplace partner meant that integration could be deployed immediately and seamlessly, and would be kept up to date with platform updates.

The Challenge

Scott continues: “We’d spoken to various website providers but it was when we met with Volcanic that we saw the real opportunity that its software-as-a-service could offer our business. Volcanic offers highly efficient recruitment technology and continually deploys new releases to its platform—and therefore to our website—meaning the legacy issues we suffered are a thing of the past.”

“One thing that Volcanic said in particular stayed with me: The day we launch your website is only the beginning. The site will only get better from here onward,” Scott said.

The Solution

Because Volcanic focuses exclusively on recruitment, they understand the sector inside out. As a Bullhorn partner, Volcanic has state-of-the-art integration capability and, most importantly, Volcanic believes in building strategic partnerships with their clients.

Because Volcanic is software as a service, there is an essential collaborative aspect to working with the Bullhorn partner; the monthly subscription puts the pressure on Volcanic to ensure they’re delivering and that clients get the most out of their sites.

Data-Driven Insights

The Volcanic reporting function is dashboard-driven and gives valuable insights into candidate behavior on site. For example, it shows web traffic source data which can be used to inform the next marketing campaign.

Making the most of the reporting function is valuable from an internal performance viewpoint as well. Because the reports are also set up to show which advertisements and jobs are performing the best, the knowledge gained helps give the recruiters transparency over deals closed and creates a competitive edge.

Delivering a Flagship Brand

“We’re delighted with our new site and the whole project has been a great experience as well as a useful learning curve. We’ve been able to feed our learnings in to improve our own website and to benefit the whole Volcanic platform. Having a dedicated project manager throughout build, launch and post-care has helped keep things on track to get our site up and running—and delivering for our business.”

“We saw the advantage Volcanic could offer to drive forward our brand and based on this success we are rolling out the technology to our other brands including North Starr, covering data, cyber, sales and software and our US brands.

Best-in-Breed Technology

Volcanic websites offer continually updated technology that integrates with Bullhorn to maximize growth as a recruitment business.

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