Hired by Matrix

VMS Access Was Quick to Set-up and Automates Our Workflow


  • Many Hired by Matrix customers have chosen to use VMS
  • The VMS market tends to be very dynamic and a flexible and agile solution was needed
  • Hired by Matrix had automated their VMS process prior to using Bullhorn, and there was no way they could go back to manual data entry; they needed a solution that could meet or beat what they were already using


  • VMS Access automatically loads orders from 7 different VMS into Bullhorn
  • The VMS Access Customer Portal is extremely easy to use and Hired by Matrix is ecstatic with the functionality
  • Hired by Matrix had a few special requests and the VMS Access support team did all they could to accommodate


  • VMS Access loads and updates VMS jobs quickly and reliably – Hired by Matrix recruiters depend on it every day.
  • Very fast response time for service and support requests. For example, the VMS Access team connected to a new VMS to support Hired by Matrix in just 2 weeks.
  • Hired by Matrix counts on VMS Access to connect to any VMS

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