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Mclaren Consultancy Increases Revenue by 800% and Grows Operations Across Asia with Bullhorn

Mclaren Consultancy is a Hong Kong-based recruitment agency dedicated to matching sales and marketing talents with top-tier employers. Adopting a personal approach, Mclaren consultants pride themselves on their extensive industry experience, professionalism, and premium service. The company’s clients include multinational powerhouses and several members of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For.

With the intention of becoming one of the largest and most recognized sales- and marketing-focused recruitment agencies in Asia, Mclaren Consultancy wisely decided at its inception to invest in Bullhorn, the market-leading recruitment CRM provider. Bullhorn caught up with Managing Consultant Jason Fung to learn more about the results that he and his team have been able to garner from Bullhorn Recruitment CRM.


Mclaren Consultancy required a recruitment CRM that would be optimal for team collaboration and synchrony. This meant the ability to share information efficiently, manage team workflows, and comprehensively report on results. The solution needed to have advanced search functionality, be robust and cloud-based and, above all, be able to scale with Mclaren Consultancy as it grew. After-purchase support was also a key consideration. After assessing several options, Mclaren Consultancy decided to implement the market-leading CRM provider, Bullhorn, and the company hasn’t looked back since.


Bullhorn provided Mclaren Consultancy with granular and transparent insight into operations and workflow. Custom fields and advanced search functionality have given Mclaren Consultancy the tools it needs to effectively source its new comprehensive database, a feature which will only improve with scale. Finally, Bullhorn’s 24-hour, 7 days a week support has given Mclaren Consultancy security and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that even if mistakes are made, Bullhorn’s support team can handle any situation with reliability and competence.


Mclaren Consultancy has multiplied its headcount by 6, expanded its clientele base 5 times over, and increased revenue by an impressive 800% since implementing Bullhorn. This rapid growth poses challenges from a managerial perspective, but Bullhorn has allowed the Mclaren Consultancy team to remain as synchronized and efficient as the day it began operations. Bullhorn’s innate customizability and intuitive workflow also limits manual data entry to a minimum, keeping consultants happy and allowing them more time to complete revenue-driving tasks.

The Future

As a long-term user, Managing Consultant Jason Fung has experienced Bullhorn’s commitment to customer service and development firsthand and believes that Bullhorn’s service has only improved over time. Mclaren Consultancy now aims to further increase headcount by 30% and expand into mainland China during 2016. Further expansion into Taiwan and Singapore is also a distinct possibility in the near future. Jason believes that Bullhorn will provide the ideal software foundation to support these ambitious goals.

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