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National Staffing Firm moves Back Office to the Web to Save Time and Eliminate Lost Timesheets


  • Open Systems spent 4+ days per week manually collecting time and entering it into MAS500
  • Timesheets were emailed or faxed and approximately 5% were getting lost each week, creating hours of additional work
  • Open Systems struggled to ensure all 800+ timesheets were submitted and approved on time for processing Solutions


  • Bullhorn Back Office allows Open Systems to virtually eliminate manual data entry with easy file export/imports
  • Bullhorn Back Office provided an easy-to-use hub for all timesheets to be entered, stored and then accessible within Bullhorn
  • Open Systems implemented Bullhorn Back Office’s customizable, automated messaging center


  • Bullhorn Back Office reduced Open Systems payroll schedule by 50%
  • Timesheets are now accessed via the web and easy to find. They are no longer lost, decreasing time spent chasing timesheets by 30%
  • Open Systems now has custom automated messaging capabilities, increasing on time submittal and timesheets approvals by 50%

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