Rapidly-Growing Staffing Company Sees Highest Activity Ever with Bullhorn S Release

As a project-based staffing company that positions the best IT talent, Optomi helps its clients define the technology of tomorrow. Founded in November of 2012, Optomi is one of the fastest-growing staffing firms in the U.S., having gone from a $0 to $12 million run rate in just one year.

Optomi was founded by Todd Black and Michael Winwood, who ran the staffing firm Technisource, which was acquired by SFN Group in 2007. SFN was soon after acquired by Randstad (a Bullhorn customer) in early 2012. Having experienced Bullhorn through Randstad, Optomi’s founders and Daniel Guelzo, director of talent development, felt comfortable it would meet their needs. “We were shopping a lot of different tools,” said Guelzo.

One hallmark of Optomi is that they use all cloud-based software, so a cloud-based system was a necessity. Bullhorn delivered in that aspect. “It had the most comprehensive package,” said Guelzo. Though the cloud element was important, Optomi chose the Bullhorn ATS and CRM for a variety of reasons — systems, applications, and Bullhorn’s extensive partner Marketplace. Guelzo said of the selection process: “There are a lot of ATS solutions that are similar in function. Typically there is the client side, the candidate side, the tools and resources, and the job management elements of any ATS. What differentiated Bullhorn was the ease and usability. It’s a pretty intuitive tool.”

Despite finding success with the original version of Bullhorn, Optomi struggled to use it because it needed VMware to render Bullhorn Mac-compatible. As a result, Optomi was one of the first customers to standardize on the most powerful version of Bullhorn’s ATS and CRM recruiting software ever built — the cross-browser, Mac-enabled S Release.




  • In addition to being all cloud-based, Optomi is a Mac-based company. Before January of 2014, Bullhorn was only compatible with Internet Explorer and Windows. In order to use Bullhorn, Optomi had to purchase and install VMware and Windows so that it could run Internet Explorer and access the ATS. This was a testament to the value Optomi placed on Bullhorn.
  • Support was also a struggle as the Bullhorn support representatives were working on PCs while Optomi recruiters were on Macs. The user experiences were quite different. “We had to jump through hoops to run this ATS, but the system itself was worth it,” commented Guelzo.


  • Optomi recruiters didn’t use resume attachments in the original version of Bullhorn even though they could have because they found that downloading usable documents was too slow and difficult.



  • Optomi entered the S Release beta program, eager to try out the new and improved Bullhorn. “The biggest impact by leaps and bounds was the efficiency. It was very intuitive, and lightning fast compared to accessing the system via VMware.”


  • Optomi started with 4 people using S Release in beta. The results were so dramatic that the next week, they had 20 people using the product. The week after that, 99% of the agency’s producers started using S Release. Now, Optomi puts all new hires directly onto S Release. There are a total of 40 recruiters and salespeople at the company on the product. “We’re 100% invested in S Release,” said Guelzo.


  • While the agency is actively using S Release features such as calendar tools, they haven’t yet adopted the product’s full functionality. They’re looking forward to using Outlook completely within Bullhorn, instead of separately for history and tracking, as they’re doing now. “We need to eventually live in Bullhorn and run all of our processes through it,” said Guelzo. Once Optomi switches to Bullhorn for Email, Guelzo estimates they’ll save an additional 10-15 minutes per recruiter per day. Optomi employees are also looking forward to using Bullhorn’s Marketplace partners with S.



  • “Everything works smoothly, cleanly – we love the new look and feel of S Release, and the fact that there are multiple ways of getting somewhere. You don’t need to drill down into candidate records to add notes, and you can do multiple events at the same time. That’s light years-advanced for us. We have projects with multiple submissions, and candidates going through multiple interviews. S Release allows you to drill down without drilling into the system.” Guelzo said previously: “I track our Bullhorn activity metrics. On S Release, we hit our highest activity ever.”


  • “The ‘bowling alley’ part of Bullhorn’s user interface is now so clean and very easy to work in, very intuitive,” said Guelzo. “Before there was a training issue, and we had to walk new users through what each tab did. Now it’s very easy.” Guelzo added that onboarding has become significantly easier, “S Release is lightning fast, very intuitive, and we’ve had people who haven’t even worked at a staffing agency before be able to pick up the tool almost instantly.”


  • Guelzo and Optomi recruiters have had a more positive Support experience since switching to S Release. “The process of getting on S Release was fast and efficient, and with the beta program, any bugs or issues were addressed and resolved quickly.” Guelzo feels that responsiveness has improved: “We had amazingly high touch-points for the S rollout.”


  • With S Release, Optomi has improved their visibility into business processes and placements. “I don’t have to ask employees for a status update on where we are with projects, interviews, and pending deals. I can see it in Bullhorn in real-time. It’s night-and-day faster.”

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