Peoplebank Streamlines International Offices and Increases Efficiency by 300% with Bullhorn

Peoplebank is Australia’s largest information technology recruitment company, specializing in the permanent and contract placement of IT and Technology professionals across all industries since 1990. With a national network of offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, as well as international offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia, Peoplebank places over 6,000 candidates every year.

Peoplebank’s legacy system was a well-known SaaS provider, but it lacked functionality, efficiency, and scalability. With intentions to streamline operations and continue to grow its APAC presence, Peoplebank made the switch to the market leader in recruitment ATS & CRM technology, Bullhorn, and the company hasn’t looked back since.

The Challenge

Prior to Bullhorn, Peoplebank used another Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that was slow and lacked an efficient workflow. Recruiters routinely experienced delays of up to 3-4 seconds after each action and soon became frustrated. As all its systems were not coordinated, Peoplebank wasted valuable time on manual data entry across multiple platforms, which often involved tediously removing duplicate entries. In need of a system that could be secure, reliable, and comprehensive, Peoplebank landed on Bullhorn.

The Solution

Peoplebank chose Bullhorn as its comprehensive ATS & CRM and collaboration solution, enabling the company to boost productivity. Bullhorn provided a single holistic system that incorporated all of Peoplebank’s internal functions to streamline workflow and save time. Manual tasks became automated, decreasing error rates, and improving data integrity. Bullhorn also gave Peoplebank new reporting capabilities, giving the company granular insight into its internal operations and connecting international offices after expansions.

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The Results

Peoplebank has experienced numerous benefits since implementing Bullhorn ATS & CRM. The company has streamlined workflow and increased data input efficiency by an impressive margin of 300%. Response times are now instantaneous and error rates have been reduced sevenfold, allowing recruiters more time to focus on revenue-generating work. Data quality has also improved significantly, allowing for more accurate tracking and reporting to keep the international team streamlined and efficient.

The Future

Peoplebank intends to continue to gain efficiencies and grow operations across the APAC region. The creation of measurable and replicable processes is a key priority. National Talent Manager Andrew Rodger believes that Bullhorn is a functional, stable, and, above all, scalable solution that will allow Peoplebank to carry out its mission.

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