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Pride Health Provides Exemplary Client and Candidate Experience with Bullhorn

Founded in 1983, Pride Technologies started off as a provider of IT services to financial institutions. As Pride grew, its business multiplied and diversified until it became Pride Global, a company with over 3,000 employees that specializes in vendor management, payroll services, business process optimization, and complete staffing services for both direct hire and contingent labor solutions.

Pride Health, a division of Pride Global, is a pioneer in the healthcare staffing industry. When Pride Health was looking to supercharge its growth and place an emphasis on candidate and customer experience, the team turned to Bullhorn to help support its mission to pursue innovation, accountability, and customer satisfaction.

The Solution

When speaking about Pride Health, Rachel Mayse, Director of Operations, and Josh Albucker, Senior Vice President of Healthcare Recruitment, highlight the company’s passion and commitment to exemplary service. “We are extremely fluid in how we work,” states Josh Albucker. “If a customer gives us a problem, we devise a solution to make it better.” It was that commitment to experience that led the team at Pride Health to select Bullhorn. “We wanted a solution that was easy to use, dependable, and something we can effortlessly tailor on our end rather than something immutable,” says Albucker. “Simply put, Bullhorn allows us the flexibility and freedom to put our stakeholders’ experience first.”


“Simply put, Bullhorn allows us the flexibility and freedom to put our stakeholders’ experience first.”
Joshua Albucker Pride Health


Staffing within the healthcare industry necessitates plenty of customization and flexibility within your processes in order to find the talent you need. “Healthcare is an industry with an ever-changing landscape, and ACA isn’t the only factor,” explains Albucker. “Hospitals and health insurance companies are consolidating. Combine that with the deficit of talent, and it makes finding the right candidate exceedingly difficult.” Mayse adds “When it’s not just about finding a nurse, but about finding a nurse with a very specific skill set, customization to fit our processes was a huge determining factor for us. Bullhorn’s flexibility has allowed us to customize the way we qualify candidates.”

The Results

Differentiation Through Technology

One of Pride Health’s core values is to passionately pursue the use of technology to improve the speed, efficiency, and quality of the team’s deliverables. For both Mayse and Albucker, Bullhorn ATS & CRM was the obvious choice to help support their endeavors. “I’ve been working with Bullhorn for over 10 years, and what I’ve seen is it’s a company that changes with the landscape,” remarks Mayse. “In a rapidly evolving industry, Bullhorn is right there evolving alongside it.” Credentialing and shift scheduling has, until now, been a very manual and laborious facet of healthcare staffing. “With the platform Bullhorn has created, it has essentially taken a process and procedure that’s been the same since the beginning of healthcare and wrapped technology around it,” declares Mayse. “Instead of a manual process, Bullhorn enables us to automatically pull a report and send out one email. For recruiters who think that there must be a better way, that better way is with Bullhorn.”

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Ease-of-Use with Bullhorn

For Pride Health, the benefits of Bullhorn don’t end with customization and innovation. The system is superior in its power and adoptability. “I had an employee for 3 months saying a leader in enterprise staffing software was superior to Bullhorn,” says Mayse. “After one day of training, she said she didn’t realize Bullhorn had so much capability and now considered it to be the best staffing software on the market. Bullhorn is incredibly robust and simultaneously very easy to use.”


“Bullhorn is our lifeline to initially sourcing candidates.”
Joshua Albucker Pride Health


For both Mayse and Albucker, Bullhorn is essential to Pride Health’s business. “You can’t run a multi-million dollar staffing agency without a system to track and identify candidates,” says Albucker. “Bullhorn is our lifeline to initially sourcing candidates. If you can’t rapidly pick up a list of candidates, you need a different software solution. We couldn’t run our business effectively without Bullhorn.”


“We couldn’t run our business effectively without Bullhorn.”
Joshua Albucker Pride Health

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