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How Voca Tracks Metrics From Both Sides of The Desk with Bullhorn ATS & CRM

Founded in 2005, Voca is a privately held staffing firm headquartered in Rochester, Minnesota. Specializing in healthcare, professional, and administrative staffing, Voca was founded as Hire Investment, but rebranded to Voca in 2017 to highlight the additional customers they serve. Voca, which ties back to vocation, represents the company’s vision: to create a world of harmony by guiding people on a career path that fulfills their purpose.

The Challenge

Since its founding over a decade ago, Voca has grown to a $20,000,000 company, and with growth comes additional needs—a front-office ATS & CRM system that could support their growing headcount and business needs.

Taylor Lambert, Director of Client Partnerships at Voca, explains the need for a new solution: “It came down to being too much to keep track of. You get to a point where you have enough clients and enough pipeline and that you need an efficient way to track and manage the most important parts of the business.”

In 2013, after exploring what other ATS solutions were on the market, Voca adopted Bullhorn ATS & CRM as well as various marketplace partners including Ebsta, TextUs, and job board integrations which include Monster and CareerBuilder.

The Solution

Ray Culver, Voca’s Chief Revenue Officer, approaches Bullhorn from a heavily analytical perspective; as a way to keep his sales team on track and monitor projected pipeline and profit. “We love the transparency with Bullhorn,” Ray said. “We’re a very metrics-driven organization, and with Bullhorn, leadership is able to see what’s been done with every prospective candidate and client.”

Taylor also uses the data stored in Bullhorn ATS & CRM to keep Voca on track from a recruiting perspective. “We run everything off of the Notes Activity report. We track calls, to subs, to interviews, to placements. Being able to pull all this information for any given date range is very handy,” Taylor said, “Having Bullhorn’s reporting capabilities at our fingertips has been great.”

“Having Bullhorn’s reporting capabilities at our fingertips has been great.”

Bullhorn ATS & CRM has also made Voca’s sales organization more efficient, Ray explains. “From a sales perspective, we easily save 50% of our time with Bullhorn. It’s not as labor-intensive and it’s easier to update than sending Excel sheets back and forth—I can go into the system and pull the reports on-demand as my team is inputting data,” Ray said. “We can take this information and have real conversations with our sales team.”

“From a sales perspective, we easily save 50% of our time with Bullhorn.”

Taylor elaborated on the additional Bullhorn features that save Voca time. “By utilizing Bullhorn’s templates for job postings, everything that is sent to our website is formatted really nicely and doesn’t require any extra work. With how much time it took to reformat and post a job before, just having these templates alone is a game-changer.”

Voca also increased the number of applications they receive after integrating their website with Bullhorn and various job boards. “With how much more common passive recruiting is becoming, people just don’t answer their phones as often as they used to. Now that we have all our jobs posted, we’ve definitely seen an increase in passive clients applying,” Taylor said. “We went from no online presence to having everything in Bullhorn now online. It has changed everything.”

Voca also utilizes the tearsheet function of Bullhorn in order to keep their recruiters organized. “We record all our candidate statuses through tearsheets—whether they’re available, whether they’re a good candidate—recruiters don’t need to go to the job board and do a search. All they have to do is go into a tearsheet,” Taylor said.

“Any time we have a new member join the team, it’s easy for our current employees to train them and get them up to speed.”

As Voca continues to grow, Taylor and Ray see no difficulty onboarding new employees onto the system. “Any time we have a new member join the team, it’s easy for our current employees to train them and get them up to speed. Especially with Bullhorn’s training materials,” Ray said. Taylor added, “As time progresses, Bullhorn is only going to spiderweb into more and more functionality for us.”

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