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Walker Hill Consulting Screens Candidates with Newfound Speed after integrating Bullhorn ATS and Canvas

The Walker Hill Consulting Story


Founded in 2017, Walker Hill Consulting is a contract and direct placement recruiting firm focused on matching engineering, construction, and architectural professionals with growing progressive companies in New England, including commercial, energy, heavy industrial, manufacturing, and institutional construction companies.




When Bruce Kipperman broke off from his previous company after 20 years in the industry to establish Walker Hill, Bullhorn was the obvious choice for his ATS. “I looked at solutions like Compas and several others, but I decided to stick with Bullhorn,” said Bruce. “It was the most comprehensive solution out there.”


“My product consultant was a phenomenal integrator and coach.”


Having used Bullhorn in his previous role, Bruce was familiar with product features, but still found his set up process to be incredibly comprehensive. “My product consultant was a phenomenal integrator and coach,” commented Bruce. “Any questions I had, he was there to answer and not only did he have great ideas himself, he helped me out with anything I wanted to change, especially around my layout. He kept up with his weekly trainings and he checked back in on me. He was a great partner to get me going.”


Ease of Use


“I really appreciate the ease of organization with Bullhorn,” Bruce said, citing the mass-mailing and tearsheet features as particularly time saving to his recruiting operations. “You focus on a position, you go to your database, you add people to your tearsheet, and you can easily connect with 20, 30, 40 people—very professionally, but still anonymously through the Bullhorn application.”


Bruce also added that his prior experience with Bullhorn gave him a particular edge when setting up shop. “Being familiar with Bullhorn was a huge help. The way I set up my tasks and leveraged all of the good habits I built over the years, I utilized again when I set up my own firm,” he said.




Perhaps Bruce’s favorite feature is the integration with Bullhorn’s developer partner Canvas, a text-based interviewing platform that helps recruiters screen candidates.


Canvas allows Bruce to screen candidates quickly, which is ideal in his industry; “candidates who are out in the field—like senior project managers or site superintendents—are impossible to reach over the phone. They start work at 3 o’clock in the morning, and by the time they’re done, they’d rather not answer the phone. Now with Canvas, all they have to do is answer a couple questions via text.” Bullhorn’s integration with Canvas not only helps Bruce get in contact with candidates, but also speeds up his overall screening process. “You can hold multiple conversations at the same time, fire out questions, shoot them job orders, and do all of the necessary pre-screening required to find a candidate you can really engage with in conversation,” says Bruce.


Bullhorn’s Developer Partner Program allows third party technologies to leverage Bullhorn’s platform through its open application programming interfaces (APIs). By joining the Developer Program, Canvas was able to make their solution more readily available to clients like Walker Hill.


“The Canvas integration saves tons of time, it’s a quick way to screen people, and it has a much quicker response than sending a cold email or email blast.”


Before Canvas’ integration with Bullhorn, Bruce uploaded his notes and chat transcripts into Bullhorn. Today, all his notes are automatically synced as a PDF into Bullhorn. All users have to do is preset an introduction and various questions, which are tailored to their particular jobs or needs.


All-in-all, Bruce estimates the Canvas integration saves him at least several hours each week which would otherwise be spent doing menial tasks like copying and pasting notes back and forth between the systems. “The Canvas integration saves tons of time, it’s a quick way to screen people, and it has a much quicker response than sending a cold email or email blast,” says Bruce.


“Working off of a different system would be unimaginable.”


After reaching his bookings goal in 2017, Bruce set one goal for 2018: to surpass it. And to get there, Bruce relies on Bullhorn to keep him efficient and organized. “Bullhorn is a huge part of the business as far as keeping all of my assets organized within my system and staying in touch with my contacts,” remarked Bruce. “If I didn’t have it, what would I do? Working off of a different system would be unimaginable.”


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