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Recruiting trends; what does 2016 have in store for us?

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Many things have happened in the last year

The year 2015 has just passed. So many things have happened in the recruiting market and at Connexys this past year. Which trends do we see? It became evident to many organizations that it’s very hard to attract talent. There has been considerably more investment in career sites. The demand for pre-selection tools increased, because the number of applicants for generic vacancies was often extremely high.

We had expected that recruiting would have shifted to online marketing by 2015. This has not fully happened yet.  However, a first step has been made. This also applies to video application. There is much talk about this. The number of suppliers such as Cammio, Flip Base and HireVue is increasing, but a real breakthrough has not yet been achieved. We do see that companies are open to these developments. Speaking of developments: a growing number of new and existing customers made the choice to use one solution for recruitment, mobility and hiring with Connexys. Recruitment managers with these organizations became Resource Center Managers.

Integrated solutions

We have also seen employment agencies making significant strides to create integrated solutions, which enable them to offer their customers any form of labour. Whether it’s about recruitment and selection, dispatching  or posting, and in some cases RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing). Also, service providers are increasingly recruiting with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERM (Employee Relations Management) strategy.

Great developments that in the coming year will certainly continue. What other developments and trends do we foresee for 2016?

#1. Culture

Our qualitative survey among HR decision-makers shows that matching candidates with the organization culture is perceived as one of the key parts of the recruitment process. Employees who fit well with the culture, perform better and stay around longer. The way this is measured by the organizations has been neglected. Culture should also play a much more important role in the preselection process. We therefore expect that tools such as Company Match shall be applied in an even wider context. Also, the survey shows that employers are investing more in the recruitment site, and therefore in propagating their own culture as part of the employer brand.

#2. Online marketing

In 2015, Connexys won the Recruitment Tech Award ‘Best Tooling’ for the Talent Marketing Activity Manager. This online marketing tool is linked to talent pools and allows employers to communicate with groups of potential candidates and to bond with them. In view of the increasing scarcity of talent, it is important for organizations to invest in finding promising employees for the future. Who will you be needing in one year from now? What do these people do now? What are their interests? What do they use the Internet and social media for? What is the best way to reach them, and with what kind of message? The principles of online marketing are very useful  for recruitment. We see more and more that recruitment teams are being enhanced with online marketers. Based on data analytics, these online marketers can set up and analyse smart intelligent digital campaigns.  I am very curious to see which organizations will actually start working with online marketing. Good experiences can teach us many things. We are currently in negotiations with various employers to reach a beautiful case, which we can share with you. The tools of Salesforce and the thousands of apps available on this platform offer us unprecedented opportunities.

#3. Resource Management

More than three years ago Connexys introduced the term Resource Management.  With this, we bring together recruitment, hiring and mobility in one single solution. With the increasing shortage of talented candidates, this development will certainly continue. The type of employment contract is losing importance. It’s all about the best man for the job. Therefore, self-employed individuals and freelancers are becoming a very interesting target group. Traditionally, for many companies, hiring falls under purchase. With the rise of Resource Management, we expect that HR/recruitment will take greater ownership of hiring and will be in the lead in all forms of recruitment, including those of temporary employees.

#4. Candidate Journey

The most important development we see in recruitment and HR is a more general trend: the increasing importance of the Candidate Journey; the journey  of a  candidate from the very first contact with the employer until their appointment. What can you do to influence the candidate experience as positive as possible during this journey? What can an applicant expect when they start looking for a job and they get hired? To be able to manage that expectation, it is important to keep in contact with the candidates at every stage of the journey. Inform them in due time and keep them  informed of the number of applications, the status of the procedure, of what to expect from you as an employer and what you expect from them during that stage in the application process. A good example is the recruitment site we developed in collaboration with Tempo-Team.

Preboarding and onboarding

In principle, the Candidate Journey doesn’t end with the appointment. We increasingly notice that in improving the candidate experience the preboarding (the period of sending the letter of appointment until the first working day) and the onboarding are also included in the journey. After all, candidates can learn many things about their new employer before their first workday. This may involve the culture, history and traditions of the company, but further examples are job instructions and any offered programs . Make them feel at home before they even start working. Applications such as Appical meet this need.

In the Candidate Journey, it is always a  two-way process. Recruitment facilitates the candidate as well as the hiring manager. Start to interact, request feedback and possible items for improvement and translate this into further actions. The applications of Connexys make it very easy to generate this information and to report on it.

Developments for Connexys

For Connexys, the Candidate Journey is a theme that we will apply in a much wider context. Also for ourselves,  we are strongly committed to interaction and we ask our users to think along with us and cooperate with us to achieve the best solutions. Our Client Journey, from the first interview to the optimal deployment and satisfactory use of our solutions. In every operating phase we ask our clients to think along with us and to work with us on this as partners. Together with our team of developers to develop new products, our service department to fine-tune existing applications, our consultants in deploying solutions optimally, and so on.

Traveling together

In short, 2016 is a journey for us in every way. The above-mentioned developments are promising and will help us to take decisive steps towards the further developments in the field of HR and recruitment. With our customers we will go on this journey together. The customer determines the final destination, and we will do everything to make this journey a beautiful one, with paved roads, unexpected twists and turns, beautiful encounters, close relationships and smooth solutions. We are looking forward to it!

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