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Swift, high-quality matching? 4 tips for staffing agencies

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In our blog post 6 ways of standing out as a staffing agency we defined that owners of recruitment and staffing agencies experience the fierce competition as one of the most significant obstacles. How do you go about finding the most suitable candidate for a job opening as swiftly as possible? This blog post will give you four tried-and-tested practical tips to enable you to find and match the right candidate even faster.

Tip #1 Be proactive and keep in touch

The ideal candidate will not be looking for a job. He will just be satisfied getting on with his work for his current employer. But who actually is this ideal candidate? Where will you be able to find him? Are you already in touch with him? The war for talent makes it important to map promising candidates from an early stage on, getting to know them and ensure that you are top of mind with them. Once the perfect job opening presents itself, it will just be a matter of making your move and winning them over.

Do not leave the search for the candidate until you have got the assignment in. ‘Stockpile’ potential talent. A good CRM recruiting system will provide suitable tools to this end. Create homogeneous talent pools (e.g. professionals, starters, IT, Sales, Purchasing) of potential candidates. Once you have sighted the talent, the trick is to win their loyalty. Keep in touch with them. There are multiple ways to achieve this: a business card, a phone call, interesting information, blogs, an invite to events and knowledge sessions. These will position your agency and keep you top of mind at all times.

Tip #2 Use handy tools

An effective tool to ensure targeted communication is e-mail software such as MailChimp which you can link to your database. It will allow you to enhance your focus when sending out e-mails to various target groups, tailoring the communication to their areas of interest. These tools will enable you to keep a record of the extent of a candidate’s involvement in your organization. How often is he opening e-mails, which ones does he never open, which websites is he viewing and is he checking out job openings? Thanks to all of this information, you will be able to increasingly tailor your content to a candidate. Thus finding your potential candidates, being top of mind and matching in terms of relevant information you have available on the candidate. You can find even more interesting tools at tip #4.

Tip #3 Be creative & original

It may well be obvious, but how often do we lapse into routine thinking? There is stiff competition, particularly with the continuously growing job market. For that reason, the challenge for you as a service provider is to manage to reach your candidate and get him interested in a distinctive way. There are countless original ways of reaching your potential candidates. One sweltering day last week we took the Connexys team out for lunch on the site of Erasmus University in Rotterdam. There we met our client’s cool campus recruitment team Integrand who were handing out ice creams to students willing to like Integrand’s Facebook page. Creative and effective. This was a striking way for Integrand to touch base with the target group and at the same time start to keep them informed of relevant content and of course job openings through Facebook.


Tip #4 Be technologically innovative

If you are keen on improving the speed and quality of your matching, you will need to work with recruiting technology that meets the latest standards. The more innovative the technology, the more quickly and easily you will shake off the competition. First and foremost it is important for your search engine to be capable of searching a candidate database semantically. Semantic searches using tools such as Textkernel Search&Match will ensure the ability to identify candidates faster based exactly on those search criteria that are important to you. This will yield results fine-tuned to what you are actually interested in and not just what you type in as search command.

Another important step is if you are linking your CRM recruiting system to marketing automation tools such as Salesforce Pardot. This will allow you to gather data on your potential candidates, enabling more targeted communication with your target groups. Subsequently, based on certain variables, you will be able to have marketing campaigns automatically run through the workflow.

Care to put thoughts together or learn more?

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