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Bullhorn and VONQ partnership brings recruiters closer to their target audience

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Bullhorn, the market leader in recruitment software and VONQ, European market leader in Online Recruitment Marketing services, have joined forces. The lean combination of a state of the art recruiting system with an innovative job marketing platform makes recruitment easier and more efficient.

Data Driven recruitment

Because of the collaboration with VONQ, recruiters get direct access to VONQ’s Job Marketing Platform through the Bullhorn Connexys recruiting software. Serge de Klerk, Marketing Director EMEA of Bullhorn, explains: “Our recruiting software offers users the possibility to distribute vacancies very easily on job boards, social media and their own websites. Since VONQ’s Job Marketing Platform has been totally integrated in our software, relevant job data is automatically loaded into the Job Marketing Platform. Users can get access very easily to more than 2000 relevant online media channels all over the world.”

Wouter-Goedhart-VONQWouter Goedhart, CEO of VONQ, continues: “The smart algorithm of our Job Marketing Platform gives the recruiter advice on selecting online media channels like social media and job boards, recommending the best channels to reach top talent. This advice is based on millions of data points. Managing the vacancies and the purchasing and distribution of media is now possible from one single system. This saves the recruiter a lot of time and money.”


Strategic choice

The beginning of the partnership is a strategic move for both parties. Goedhart explains: “The collaboration responds to the growing need of companies to make their recruitment process data-driven. The purpose we have in mind is to quickly bring the recruiter closer to their target audience based on data-driven decisions. Connecting the Bullhorn Connexys recruitment application gives the recruiter the possibility to conduct all of their recruitment activities efficiently from one system. It’s great that we may take this strategic step together with Bullhorn.” De Klerk is also positive about the collaboration: “The integration provides an extension of our services towards the customer. This unique functionality has a global reach and provides a distinctive positioning relative to our competitors. Besides, the integration is in line with our mission; making the recruiting process faster, more effective and more transparent for our customers.”

Everything in one place

Monica-Heldoorn-BAMRoyal BAM Group is the first organisation that – after a pilot period- makes use of the integration. Monika Heldoorn, Employer Branding Specialist at BAM, was looking forward to the system connection. Heldoorn explains: “Because of the great volume of vacancies within our organisation, there was a need for a connective element between, on the one hand, the place where we manage our vacancies and, on the other hand, the place where we purchase and distribute media. All relevant job data in The Bullhorn Connexys software are automatically loaded into the Job Marketing Platform. Thereafter I select the channels where the right target audience is located, and the vacancies are posted on all the selected online media. This saves me up to 15 minutes per job posting.”

Interested in the integration?

This period, the integration has been explained to VONQ’s current customers and this has led to many enthusiastic reactions. Are you interested in job marketing for your organisation, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to show you all possibilities.

About VONQ

VONQ is the expert and market leader in the recruitment marketing area and helps companies to recruit better with the use of recruitment data, innovative tools and recruitment marketing knowledge. Founded in 1996, VONQ operates from four offices in Europe. VONQ has more than 2000 media channels in its portfolio and always knows how to reach the right target audience for every vacancy.