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Recruitment marketing: target groups, personas, targeting. How far do you go?

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As you may have noticed, recruitment marketing is hot. Recruitment Marketing is a specific strategy for finding, attracting, retaining and cherishing candidates, in order to convince them to apply for one of your vacancies. Inbound recruitment, which involves using all kinds of intelligent techniques, like content marketing, online marketing, lead scoring and marketing automation. How do you address it? Which tips can help you? And how far do you actually want to go?

#1. Target group research and data analysis

The key to every good marketing strategy, be it online or offline, is knowledge about your target group. This is the only way to discover how to pique the interest of talented candidates. You can get to know your target group in various ways. You can buy data from market research agencies or cleverly use all the information stored in your HR or recruiting system. Your existing employees and applicants are another valuable source of information about your target group.

#2. Target group-oriented approach

Thinking about your target group can be very useful. This was demonstrated by a best practice that allowed Dutch energy provider to improve conversion by 26% using specific, target group-oriented communication. It helps if you use personas in your communication. Turn your target group into a real person; your ideal candidate. You can also work with several personas for different departments and specialisations within your organisation. This means a person, with his or her own characteristics, interests and motivations, for each target group. This will help you to create clear, powerful and attractive content.

#3. Content marketing

You have to create content for the whole candidate journey. This means the procedure candidates follow from the very first acquaintance with your organisation up to the moment they submit an application. You can use this entire journey to support your recruitment marketing strategy. Blogs, mailings, benchmarks, tests, white papers: you can use every contact or touch point in the candidate journey to entice your ideal candidate to perform your desired action. Would you like to know more about how Content marketing can be used for Recruitment? We have published a white paper on the matter, which features over 20 interesting pages and can be read here.

#4. Marketing automation

The next important step involves recruitment marketing automation. Collect all information about your target group. Create an inventory for the actions they take, the behaviour they display on your website, the content they find interesting, etc. Then use this knowledge to offer them appropriate content at the right moment. Qualify (score) all actions. Depending on their behaviour, you can very precisely divide the content you offer into what is of interest to them at that moment in time. And you can also classify for the candidate journey. Are they in the orientation phase or the decision-making phase? In the same way that Sales works with lead generation and sales qualified leads, you can use candidate generation and recruitment qualified leads during your recruitment activities. Some of our customers have already successfully implemented this principle. Curious about how it works? Our experts will be pleased to inspire you.

The sky is the limit

Marketing and (target group) specific communication; the possibilities are infinite. If we consider all the available technology, then the sky the limit. Our recruiting system can also be used to collect, connect and analyse unprecedented amounts of data. In the future, the development and improvement of Artificial Intelligence will only further improve these possibilities. However, there are also limitations. For instance, commercial communication is subject to legal requirements, while the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) safeguards to what extent the individual details of (potential) candidates can be stored and used.

How far do you want to go?

And how far do you actually want to go? How would you feel if your supermarket sent you specific offers based on your past purchases? And how would you feel if, having quickly googled a troubling health condition, you suddenly start seeing adverts for all kinds of miracle cures on your screen? Useful or intrusive? It’s a tough call. In any case, it is important to carefully consider what your ideal candidate wants. What does s/he truly need? Also consider which content you will be sending at specific moments in time.

How does your organisation deal with this and what is your personal experience? I am curious about your opinion!

Would you like to know more about Recruitment Marketing and your ATS?

Inbound recruitment can be used to entice candidates to submit  applications. By connecting Recruitment Marketing Automation tools to your recruitment system, you will be able to add more and better candidates to your database and talent pools. Curious? Read more on our website or request a personal consultation with one of our experts.