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Connexys Integrates Its Website With Bullhorn

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Since September 2017, Connexys has been part of Bullhorn and as two leading providers of recruitment solutions we have one common goal: to support recruitment professionals around the world and provide an incredible customer experience. By merging our two organisations, customers will notice that there will be even more attention and focus on delivering an excellent customer experience in the future.

Joining Forces

Two strong brands that join forces must of course be represented as one unified brand online. As of today, the Connexys website is now fully integrated with Bullhorn’s website. With the integration of our websites, recruitment organizations will have access to our combined expertise, experience, and market-leading recruitment software. And to best serve the European recruitment industry, our website is available in several languages with regionally-specific content: Dutch, English, German, and French.

Op de website vind je in een oogopslag alle producten die onder de naam Connexys en Bullhorn worden aangeboden aan bureaus in de arbeidsbemiddeling en corporate organisaties. Recruitment software oplossingen die je helpen om je recruitment te optimaliseren. Waardoor recruiters nog slimmer en effectiever kunnen werken en de candidate experience uitgangspunt is bij alles wat je doet.

The ‘Resource Manager’ becomes ‘Connexys’

In addition to its own recruitment solutions, Bullhorn will launch and sell Connexys’ existing solutions, including the Salesforce range, to the European market. The product, which until now has been marketed under the name Resource Manager, will from now on be known simply as Connexys and can be found on the new website under this name.

On Bullhorn’s website, you’ll easily find all products from our combined companies that are available to recruitment agencies and corporate organisations. With our collective suite of recruitment software solutions, recruiters can work even smarter and more effectively to engage candidates and create a great experience for both them and clients.

Delivering an Incredible Customer Experience

Marketing Manager Serge de Klerk says: “Bullhorn’s mission is to deliver an incredible customer experience. Offering customers, users, and candidates a great experience is our focus and we want to do the same with our new website. In addition to a complete overview of the suite of available products, you’ll find all kinds of valuable content on the site, such as blogs, customer case studies, white papers, events, and more”.

Serge continues: “It was all hands on deck to optimally integrate both websites. Fortunately, we now have a whole bunch of fantastic new colleagues in the United States and England. The website integration was a nice example where we immediately noticed the smooth collaboration between our teams and that colleagues can find each other very easily, despite the different time zones”.

Social Media

In addition to fully integrating our websites, we’ve also unified our social media channels. For the latest in global and regional recruitment industry trends, insights, and more, follow us on social media:



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