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AFAS Software

AFAS Software develops software for any organisation, branch and company size. With 10.000 customers and 300 co-workers, AFAS is a cutting-edge party. Connexys is a certified product partner of AFAS in the recruitment and selection category.

Complete solutions: the shared goals of AFAS Software and Connexys

AFAS Software and Connexys have a common goal: offering a complete solution for recruitment and selection. The partners aim to enable an efficient handling of corporate processes and decrease administrative work loads. With this goal in mind, AFAS and Connexys struck an agreement to work together and to connect their products.

Connection between AFAS Software and Connexys

Connexys supports and automates the recruitment and selection process of any organisation, saving both time and costs. Vacancies can be published on almost any media channel. Response is automatically processed and measured. Using the connection between the two environments, information about hired candidates is automatically processed in AFAS’ Profit software. That means you only need to enter information about candidates once – the connection does the rest.

Certified product partner

At Connexys we are proud to call ourselves product partner of AFAS Software. Our partnership with AFAS signifies that we are a specialist in our field, with a great deal of expertise on the AFAS organisation and the AFAS Profit software suite. The ‘certified partner’ label is renewed every year, only after the enduring adherence to AFAS’ quality demands has been established. This way, AFAS Software and its certified partners guarantee that their services and products are perfectly aligned.

About AFAS Software

AFAS is a Dutch family-owned company that develops software for both businesses and consumers. Sustainability lies at the heart of everything AFAS does: not only is the company determined to take care of its customers, but also of its co-workers and of society and the environment in general. AFAS Software offers comprehensive and modern, web based software that automates financial processes of both consumers and companies. With AFAS Personal, consumers are able to gain insight into their personal finances and, as a result, gain control over their spending pattern. AFAS is main sponsor of the AZ soccer team, of the AFAS Tennis Classics and the The Hague-based AFAS Circus Theatre.

Watch the video about the connection between AFAS Software and Connexys.