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Online Talent Manager

Connexys has teamed up with Online Talent Manager to develop a matching solution. With the solution, you increase your chances of making a good match based on soft criteria and you increase the chances of success of a co-worker or candidate.  Its name, Success Indicator, wasn’t chosen randomly.

How does it work

For each new vacancy or assignment, the responsible manager provides answers to eight questions that together form the basis for a best-case candidate profile. Responding candidates are requested to complete the Octogram test. Based upon the results of the test, a matching percentage is calculated and a comparison is made between the candidate’s profile and the best-case profile. The results are then conveyed to your manager or recruiter. The results are automatically stored in the candidate’s or co-worker’s file.

About Online Talent Manager

Online Talent Manager (OTM) knows that people are at their happiest when they succeed in realizing their full potential. If you have a job that matches your qualities, your work will be a fun experience and every day at your job is a new challenge. Satisfied co-workers yield higher productivity, less absence, and a better employer brand. That’s why OTM is determined to provide people and organisations with insight into their qualities, by providing tests that are designed to do just that.