Recruitment Marketing Automation with Connexys

Automatically attract candidates

  • Inbound instead of outbound recruitment
  • Less cold calls and LinkedIn messages
  • Save on recruiter FTE’s
  • For agencies and corporates
  • Direct link with our recruitment system

recruitment marketing automation

More candidates. More placements. More revenue.

The Recruitment Marketing Automation tool which can be linked to the Resource Manager from Connexys, enables users to employ inbound recruitment strategies to expand your database of (potential) candidates. Candidates will find you through relevant content, after which you will receive their data, and you can ‘nurture’ them to a ‘hot lead’. As soon as these candidates have developed from a Marketing Qualified Candidate (MQC) to a Recruitment Qualified Candidate (RQC), they are ready to be approached by a recruiter.

Change your strategy from Outbound Recruitment to Inbound Recruitment. Focus on Pull Recruitment instead of Push Recruitment. Attract candidates and induce them to apply. The candidate will apply for your job, even before you bother them with a request.

Cold calling, Inmails and jobposts are a bit outdated and by far not as effective as Recruitment Marketing Automation. Start with the strategy ATTRACT > ENGAGE > NURTURE > CONVERT and your results will improve significantly.

Why Recruitment Marketing Automation from Connexys?

Generate ‘candidate leads’ with relevant content


By producing relevant content you not only increase the chance that you will be found, you also attract inactive jobseekers who otherwise would not have paid attention to you. You offer personalized content and nurture them from ‘marketing qualified candidates’ to ‘recruitment qualified candidates’.

Direct link with the Connexys Resource Manager

Because our recruitment software is based on the flexible and expandable Salesforce platform, marketing automation tools can easily be linked to our ATS.

Saving on FTE’s


Push recruitment, like Inmails, cold calling and advertisements are becoming redundant. Through pull recruitment you can eventually save a lot on the amount of recruiters you employ.

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