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Admin Training: Configuring Bullhorn Using View Layout

Bullhorn’s View Layout admin functionality enables you to configure your Bullhorn database to determine how fields display on your records and list views. Combined with a knowledge of Field Mappings, you can use View Layout to display your data in a highly customized way. Watch the recording today to learn more.

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Advanced Search Techniques

These days, you need to work more efficiently than ever—which means you need to be able to locate qualified candidates who already exist in your Bullhorn database, and fast.

Whether you need to build a list of local candidates for a job you've been assigned, follow-up with candidates you haven't spoken with in far too long, or dive deep into your database for candidates who meet all the client requirements, our Bullhorn advanced search tips can help!

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How to Customize Your Records Using Field Mappings

Field Mappings allow Bullhorn Administrators to choose what fields display in your database, where those fields display, and what values those fields contain. In this webinar, we cover what field mappings are and how to change them, how to add a new field, and tips and tricks for using field mappings.

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Productivity Anywhere, Anytime with the Bullhorn Marketplace

Businesses have always faced the challenge of improving performance, keeping employees motivated, and increasing output. While these challenges are nothing new for staffing and recruiting firms, they manifest themselves differently in a rapidly changing working world. To get ahead, firms need to leverage technology not just to capture efficiencies, but to foster best practices. Creating an atmosphere of collaboration, even when we don’t share the same physical space, is integral to motivation and output. So how can you empower your team to stay connected, expand relationships, and maintain visibility in an ever-changing landscape?

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Leveraging Automation in a Downturn

Recent events around the world have many recruiting and staffing firms facing uncertainty. How can you effectively support your customers, place candidates in key positions, and ensure data accuracy when your workforce is working remotely? In this webinar, automation experts walk through the capabilities of Herefish by Bullhorn and discuss how automation is pertinent to staffing firms right now.

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Why Investing in Your Tech Stack in a Downturn is a Must

Wondering if you should implement new technology during a downturn? In this webinar, two industry veterans will discuss the importance of investing in your tech stack, how to successfully manage remote implementations, and the lessons of companies that leveraged technology during the 2008-2009 recession.

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Managing Stress in Chaotic Times

It’s easy to get burnt out in light of the competing demands on our time and attention, not to mention adjusting to working from home, managing childcare, and the constant onslaught of news. In this webinar, Dr. Goddard will discuss conscious rationality, the facts behind stress, and how we can all do a better job of managing it in these chaotic times.

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