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THE “Expansion Expert”

Country: United States
Business: The Planet Group
Role: Vice President, Global Operations

“If there was technology out there that could help us expand our reach, we needed to invest. Being a part of that change was important to me because I’m invested in our organization and its success. If you keep to the status quo, and you become resistant to change, you’ve placed yourself behind your competition.”

Time to Make a Change

The Planet Group was founded in 2009 during a difficult time for the economy. In order to get the business up and running, Planet chose a lightweight recruitment platform that provided basic functionality at a reasonable cost. However, as the organization grew and added new brands, Ashley and her team realized that their technology was not built to grow along with them.

The Planet Group wanted to leverage tools that could truly help the organization. Many of their team members had previously used Bullhorn and strongly recommended it. Through a detailed vetting process, including referrals and demos, the team decided on Bullhorn as the best solution to streamline their technology and expand their brand.

Roadblocks to Progress

In order to successfully make the transition to Bullhorn, The Planet Group utilized a team of implementers who understood the importance of the change. Planet consistently communicated the improvements in progress to ensure that everyone was kept up-to-date and had input throughout the process.

Leadership expressed concerns about a lull or decrease in business activity during the transition to the new technology. Ashley and her team worked diligently with leadership to eliminate any possible disruptions to business flow and productivity. She made sure that everyone had a seat at the table when making decisions, from Sales and Recruitment to HR and Accounting, across the global regions they served.

Reaping the Benefits

By changing their technology, the Planet Group sought to increase the quality and speed of delivery. They analyzed production differences between their old system and Bullhorn, including streamlined processes and workflows, the volume of jobs and placements added to ensure they made positive impacts. When they started to analyze their success rate after the first 3-6 months, they saw significant improvements across the board.

In the three years since the change, Planet developed their own ongoing educational materials to highlight key differences and to minimize any areas of difficulty. The implementation team still meets regularly to help the organization leverage the Bullhorn suite and Marketplace partners in the most efficient way.

Why make a change now?

“We scaled to a level where we realized we couldn’t successfully operate in a system that didn’t work for us. The previous system did the bare minimum, which sufficed, but it didn’t do anything to propel us into success. To be the best, we had to invest in the best. We needed a system that didn’t just host our data, but a system that interacted with it.”

What were the roadblocks to change?

“There’s always a period of adjustment and adoption. It could be the best system in the world, but as with any transition, people are required to change their everyday line of thinking and dedicate the time to learn.”

How has making a change helped your business?

“The user experience is unparalleled. The ability to interact with our data drives strategic business decisions on a global scale. The technologies and the platform are seamless. Each and every new employee has expressed how user-friendly and smooth of a transition it has been.”

In a rapidly changing economic landscape, the time for brave and bold decision-making is now. We've seen it time and time again throughout the past fifty years - the companies that anticipate market changes and embrace opportunities to innovate inevitably succeed while their less observant counterparts fail. We know that digital transformation is one of the top five opportunities for global staffing companies and we also know that the cloud affords productivity and continuity in times of crisis. Future-proofing your business isn't a matter of whether, but when.
Vinda Souza VP, Global Communications, Bullhorn

THE “Marketplace Maestro”

Country: United States
Business: MATRIX Resources
Role: VP of Recruiting

“The ability to create solutions to meet real business problems that we have is huge. Being able to apply the Bullhorn Marketplace to meet our needs and leverage these partners to devise, develop, and implement a solution that will work best for our unique team has really made a difference.”


Bullhorn ATS/CRM
Bullhorn Marketplace: SenseHQ, Daxtra Monster, Recruitics

Time to Make a Change

When Justin first joined MATRIX, they were using a few different systems that they tried to fit together, making it difficult for both current employees and new team members to be set up for success. They began looking for a solution that would truly help their employees and provide the data the team needed to plan appropriately and see what was going on within the business.

From candidate ownership to documentation to recruiter expectations, lack of process allowed some employees to be highly successful but didn’t maximize the potential output that an organization has. With 13 different offices, it was crucial to get each office on the same process to create consistency across the organization.

Roadblocks to Progress

The main challenge that MATRIX faced when navigating the change to Bullhorn was adoption across the organization – getting employees to use the technology most effectively, which would lead to better results on the recruiter level and higher performance for the company overall. For example, documenting notes correctly within Bullhorn was crucial so that the team could get a true representation of what was actually happening within the business, but many recruiters weren’t used to documenting all of their information in one system.

Reaping the Benefits

Since making a change towards digital transformation, the MATRIX team has been able to improve placement rates and adopt a more agile approach to their business now that the team is better connected to each other with increased visibility into the entire recruitment process.

But most importantly, the team is better set up for success and is already seeing the results of delivering a top-notch candidate and client experience: MATRIX was awarded the Best of Staffing Diamond Award for Client and Candidate Satisfaction from ClearlyRated in 2020.

Why make a change now?

“Changes are tough and when you have a company that is growing and profitable, you think why is this the time to make a significant change? Getting people to look a few years down the road at the vision of what we could be was key to getting everyone on board with the transition. If we’re investing in technology and the process the way that we should, we should see our teams be more productive since they are set up to achieve higher results and be more efficient overall.” 

What were the roadblocks to change?

“To scale, adoption is hard and we have 185 recruiters across the company, so when you make a change to the technology/tech stack, it can be a lot to ask to make sure we’re adopting technology the right way.”

How has making a change helped your business?

“When you’re passionate about an idea that’s going to actually make people’s lives easier, help them make more money, help them make more placements, help them grow professionally, I think that was the big thing. Bullhorn is really the glue—it’s the canvas on which we paint everything every day.”

THE “Metrics MVP”

Country: Ireland
Business: Trust in SODA
Role: Principal Consultant

“I knew I could use Bullhorn better for myself to make more placements and understand my market better. And if there was a better way for me to be using the system, then the entire team should use it better, too.”


Bullhorn ATS/CRM
Bullhorn Marketplace: Sourcebreaker, cube19

Time to Make a Change

Oliver joined the Trust in SODA team when they were already established Bullhorn users, but he quickly realized that the team was not using Bullhorn to its full capacity. This made it difficult for Oliver and the rest of the team to successfully recruit and place candidates.

Every consultant had their own spreadsheet for their book of business, including tracking clients, open jobs, or qualified candidates. With everyone on a different system, visibility across the team suffered, making it difficult to start meaningful connections with candidates and clients.

Oliver wanted to market correctly to candidates and clients, shying away from spamming communications out in favor of proactive and accurate outreach instead. But, with a lack of quality data in the system, he knew he would have to be proactive to ensure the business—and his career—could grow.

Roadblocks to Progress

After diving into the analytics and metrics to gain insight on how the team used Bullhorn, Oliver met with key stakeholders across the business to get buy-in and provide the vision for how Bullhorn could look if everyone adopted key best practices. There were also duplicate records in the system, so Oliver and the team needed to clean up the data and show the team how to approach adding records in the future.

After leadership was on board with the changes, Oliver had to tackle the next challenge of getting everyone on the same page. Oliver, working out of the Dublin office, traveled to the other offices in London and Manchester to hold training sessions for more than 100 consultants. He created resources to showcase the vision of what their system could look like if they implemented the much-needed changes and adopted a new way of adding and managing data.

Reaping the Benefits

Trust in SODA focuses on measuring the quality of their contacts, clients, and candidates within each geographic area, rather than just the quantity. Previously, contacts were being added into the system but then were never able to be reached because of inaccurate data. Now, the team is able to more closely measure and report on their communications since they are qualified, relevant connections.

As a result of championing this change to better usage and adoption of Bullhorn, Trinnovo Group, Trust in SODA’s parent company, named Oliver their 2019 MVP. The entire organization voted to award Oliver with this title after his dedication to training the team on best practices and ensuring ongoing success with Bullhorn.

Why make a change now?

“It was quite evident that Bullhorn wasn’t being used to its maximum capacity and both the data quality and quantity were lacking. We needed to get to a point where our data was correct, and therefore our candidates and clients would receive relevant communications based on accurate data, proving our value as a company. If you have a CRM that is accurate and scalable, it’s easier to bring new employees on, get them up to speed, and have them get value out of the system.”

What were the roadblocks to change?

“There was resistance initially when consultants didn’t immediately see the benefits. They had their routines in place already, so we had to get those users to truly adopt the new approach rather than us just delivering the changes. Following up and getting consultants to see the benefit of the new way of doing things was key.”

How has making a change helped your business?

“We’re now adding quality data to the system correctly, which leads to better conversations and a better candidate and client experience overall. There’s definitely been a positive change with consultants using the system effectively and then seeing the positive results from that effort.“