Bullhorn Growth Edition

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Recruiting and Sales

Streamline Operations

Unify your firm's sales and recruiting teams on one, streamlined ATS/CRM that improves efficiency and provides you with a single source of truth. Easily search for candidates, parse resumes, integrate sales activity to help close deals, and much more.

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Candidate Onboarding

Improve Candidate Experience

Our market-leading onboarding functionality eliminates manual data entry and frustrating paper documents while providing a great candidate experience. Recruiters can seamlessly manage the entire onboarding process, while candidates can access your customized portal to easily manage their documents electronically and on-the-go.

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Time Collection and Invoicing

Grow Revenue

Operationalize the tedious time collection and invoicing processes through a single interface. Bullhorn's Pay & Bill solutions simplify the creation and delivery of invoices, streamline the collection and approval and timesheets, and ultimately give you deeper insight into your firm's profitability, 

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Parse & Edit Resumes

Increase your efficiency and reduce clicks by leveraging Bullhorn’s resume parsing engine to extract information to pre-populate fields in Bullhorn candidate, contact, and job records. Bullhorn's doc editor also makes it easy to make edits to resumes without downloading, editing, and re-uploading.

Capture Job Board Data

Easily capture candidate information from job boards and immediately add it into Bullhorn. Using Bullhorn Sourcing Accelerator's Google Chrome extension, you’ll have the option to update or add candidates without leaving the job board.

Manage & Track Interviews

Easily schedule interviews with qualified candidates, add notes to organize feedback, connect with marketplace partners to take advantage of the best interview tools, and track candidate through entire interview lifecycle.

Hire & Onboard Candidates

Bullhorn streamlines the hiring process and provides visibility to team and key stakeholders. Customize workflows to match your specific hiring process. And when candidates are on board, Bullhorn's ease of use will get them up to speed quickly with little to no training necessary.

Avoid Billing Errors

Connect invoicing to your Bullhorn ATS & CRM instance and time keeping solutions to streamline your workflows and avoid invoicing errors. This highly customizable and automated process saves you time and money while meeting your clients' needs.

Manage Time and Expense

Bullhorn's comprehensive data capture and customizable interface enable you to easily create timesheets and track company expenses. Utilize our Time & Expense solution to meet your clients’ specific compliance requirements, process data quicker with near-real-time access, and easily enter, approve, and manage company expenses.


Discover Growth Edition

We recently sat down with Holly McGowan and Chris Lewis of Bullhorn to walk through Growth Edition and the benefits it provides to small and growing staffing firms. In this video, learn more about Growth Edition's many features and get a peek into the solution with a quick demo.


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