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A Solution Like No Other

Relationship Management for Business Consulting


Finally, a solution that helps you grow your business – and it’s actually easy to use. Bullhorn’s industry-leading relationship management solution for consulting firms helps you accelerate employee productivity during relationship transitions, grow your business by breaking down company silos, and increase client success with visibility into the health of all your relationships.

A Solution for Tackling These Common Challenges

Lack of visibility into client health

Effortless Results

Get Value without Effort

You’ve probably tried and failed to get partners and consultants to use spreadsheets or enter information into outdated CRM systems in order to gain visibility into client relationships and opportunities. However, these traditional methods are time-consuming and are often not adopted broadly.

What if you could get the information you need, such as who knows who, account engagement, and conversation activity, without any effort from employees? What if you were equipped with real-time insights like relationship history and top engaged contacts, and all this data was captured automatically into your system? How would that help you grow your client engagements?

Bullhorn is uniquely capable of capturing all client interactions automatically, so the relationship insights you need to grow your business are available with virtually no effort.

Radical Transparency

Insights That Help You Win New Business

Traditionally, consulting partners have operated in silos, where relationships are protected and Rolodexes are safeguarded. While this isolating practice has its value, it may also be inhibiting your firm’s ability to grow. In fact, in a recent survey, 39 percent of firms with annually declining or flat revenue believe having visibility into who knows who would make the greatest impact for generating new business.

Could you be missing out on new business opportunities that more transparency could help you uncover? Would alerts about client issues, sent directly to your mobile phone, help you to be more proactive with your clients? With Bullhorn, get greater visibility across your firm into employee relationships, expertise, and client health, and watch your business opportunities accelerate.

Hassle-Free Partnership

A Trusted Advisor That Helps You Succeed

Don’t worry about piecing together features and capabilities and packages. With Bullhorn, what you see is what you get: an all-inclusive price and no hidden fees, and unlimited data and support are always included. 

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Relationship Insights

Know who knows who and who knows what to help you grow your business.

Automatic Data Capture

Our patented technology connects emails to your contacts so you never miss a conversation.

Client Health

Get proactive notifications when critical keywords are used so you can step in before issues arise.


Access client records and notes, email notify colleagues, and get insights into relationships anytime, anywhere.

Why Does Technology Matter?

Overcome Your Most Difficult Project Management and Client Service Challenges

Consultants face industry-specific challenges each and every day that make their jobs difficult. Communication can get jumbled when multiple people are working on the same project, frequent travel interferes with productivity, and email inboxes are constantly clogged.

This whitepaper outlines five major pain points that consulting agency leaders face and offers solutions for each of these issues.

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Supercharging Your Firm

Bullhorn is an industry-leading relationship management solution designed to help you grow your business.

Learn more or contact a sales representative who will take the time to understand your specific needs and put Bullhorn to work for you.

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With Bullhorn, I’ve seen an upswing in covering opportunities faster and more efficiently. I can absolutely say we’ve experienced an increase in customers and opportunities.
Jason Chagnon Masiello

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