InsightSquared: Staffing Performance Analytics for Bullhorn

InsightSquared helps staffing executives break the cycle of spreadsheets by equipping them with actionable, real-time reporting on virtually all sales and recruiting KPIs.

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Solving the Problem


We know it’s difficult to connect activity with results. InsightSquared’s sales performance reports for staffing and recruiting firms overcome these challenges by delivering complete visibility into your organization’s performance.

If you can’t trust the information going into your ATS, you certainly can’t trust the information coming out of it. Monitor errors with our specialized Data-Quality Report.

Our reports are designed to equip you with the insights required to generate more interviews, placements, and bookings. InsightSquared provides you with the flexibility to dig below surface-level data to uncover what behaviors are driving your team’s success and your business’s growth.


Recruiting Managers

Phone calls, emails, sendouts, interviews — these activities form the foundation of success for staffing and recruiting firms. Activity data should be available whenever you want, so you can focus your time filling positions, not pulling reports. See activity sliced across different time periods, by employee, against goals, or broken down by the categories that matter to your organization.

Assessing the state of your job order pipeline can be time-consuming and frustrating. Our Open Jobs report gives you everything you need in a single view. There’s no easier way to stay on top of your work.

Recruiting is much more than just activity metrics and job orders. Successful staffing professionals leverage data to help manage clients effectively, source the best candidates, and keep an eye on revenue.

Why You Need It

Improve Pipeline Visibility

  • Get full visibility into your pipeline with a chart of open recs, ensuring optimal prioritization of the job orders that matter most.


Better Manage Your Reps

  • Focus your time on understanding the activity metrics that drive filling positions, coaching, and training your reps on how to fill positions, not pulling reports.


Forecast More Accurately

  • Use historic trends to better predict outcomes and hit your business goals.


“InsightSquared has given Aurec much more than better reporting. It's given us new ways of looking at our business."


Craig Bowater

Founder, Aurec Group

Product Specifics

Performance Visibility

Visibility leads to predictability. Understand what goes into making each placement, allowing you to more reliably predict outcomes and hit your business goals.

Data on Demand

Data constantly refreshes from the Bullhorn API so you can make informed decisions immediately.

Historical Trends

By accessing the Bullhorn API, make informed decisions based on historical data trends to accurately forecast where you'll finish in the future.

Analytics Made Easy

Access a library of readymade, best-practice reports. No waiting, and no IT needed

Drillable Data

Stop losing jobs in spreadsheets. Interactive reports make it easy to visualize your entire pipeline. Segment your data with a simple filler system for in-depth analysis.

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