Product Updates: New Profile Creation Options

With 3DIQ’s newest update, you can create profiles using the fields directly from the candidate’s Bullhorn profile! You’ll love how easy it is to create your candidate profile in 3DIQ using the text contained in the “Resume” field.

This update introduces saved profiles, allowing you to easily reuse previously created candidate profiles on future job submissions!

Skills Marketing

Skills Marketing allows users to automatically create profiles using information within Bullhorn Candidate records. Users can generate standard profiles for candidates and submit them from Bullhorn. These profiles can be edited to display the most relevant and up to date information that highlights the key competencies of a candidate. Just like our core 3DIQ product, users will still receive view and feedback notifications when these candidates are being reviewed.

CLIENT CONNECT Is Your Client Support Portal

CLIENT CONNECT, our most popular feature, allows 3DIQ for Bullhorn users to create a password protected login, allowing clients to view jobs, candidates, and real-time status updates. This feature expedites the candidate review process even further and provides your clients with the flexibility and freedom they need to make hiring decisions more quickly and seamlessly. In addition, CLIENT CONNECT frees recruiters up from having to be readily available at any given moment to provide information and data to clients, helping to manage and streamline the hiring process.

Save Time & Money with the Key Features of 3DIQ

-Never Leave Bullhorn: Prepare, generate, and send candidate profiles all within Bullhorn.

-Mobile Friendly Experience: There’s no app to install, no login to remember. Just click and view talent.

-Expedite & Record Feedback: Clients can give quick feedback while viewing resumes. When feedback is given, it is automatically logged in Bullhorn and you’re notified

-Client Portal: Allow clients the access to view all candidates submitted to a job in one place. Also great for retained search!

-Create and manage client contact logins (enable/disable access, reset passwords) from Bullhorn

-Give HR managers access to all jobs and candidates

-Proactively Market Candidates: Skills Marketing auto-generates candidate profiles so you can send hot candidates to multiple clients at once!

3DIQ For Bullhorn Gives You Instant Notifications

With 3DIQ for Bullhorn, see which clients are viewing candidate resumes & when. 3DIQ for Bullhorn expedites the entire resume review process, cutting client response time in half!

Features include:

1. Automated client submission, candidate rejection, and view and feedback notes.
2. Resume expiration notifications and security.
3. Valuable insights such as resume view time, location, and user information.

With instant notifications, recruiters get alerted right away when resumes are viewed. Feedback tools allow clients to approve resumes in real time.

3DIQ for Bullhorn Provides Automatic & Customizable Branding

3DIQ for Bullhorn’s recruiting software makes resumes look clean, consistent, and professional in an instant with your company’s colors and logo. 3DIQ for Bullhorn’s automated branding makes your candidates stand out and makes it much easier for your clients to see the most important information to determine if a candidate is the right fit. The most relevant information in a format that is highly professional and organized!

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