Able allows recruiters to simplify and automate the hiring and onboarding processes that prevent new employees from getting to work, so they can start doing what they were hired to do sooner. We believe no matter who someone is, what job they do, whether they’re temporary or permanent, every employee can and should be able to have a great first day.

Able is trusted by some of the largest staffing agencies in the world, dealing with some of the most complex hiring workflows. In order to keep pace, we are continuously evolving ourselves, and our product.

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Location: North America
Platform: Bullhorn

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Improve the Candidate Experience

Give candidates a world-class experience with a mobile-first approach, a single location to track their onboarding requirements, and the least amount of clicks necessary. A great experience up top means happier employees, fewer no-shows, and a faster hiring process at half the cost.


Tighten Onboarding Operations

Every minute of lost productivity can hurt a business. By automating onboarding and integrating your workflow with all your key staffing technologies and workflows — your ATS, background checks, e-Verify, etc. — you can streamline the process and ensure you didn’t miss a step.

Focus on Recruiting

Ditch the busywork, and focus on hiring the right people and setting them up for success. Onboarding automation means fewer mistakes, while recruiters have time to build better relationships with candidates and take on more accounts, giving them back 40% of their day.

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Seamless Integration

The Able and Bullhorn integration provides a seamless experience for candidates and ops teams. Realize the value of your paperless onboarding process immediately with our fast and easy setup. Plus, our integration framework makes it easy to load and leverage your existing Bullhorn data by automatically syncing back and forth, eliminating the need for duplication and manual data entry.

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