CloudCall has been developed to enhance the core functionality of Bullhorn. By integrating phone communications directly into Bullhorn Recruitment CRM, CloudCall is able to optimize your business’s communications with its candidates and clients, while maximizing the power of the CRM system.

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CloudCall improves efficiency by allowing users to initiate calls instantly by clicking a customer’s phone number within Bullhorn.

Call Notes and Contact Records

Once on an Inbound or Outbound call, CloudCall will automatically open the associated caller’s Contact Page in a new tab directly in Bullhorn. Based on configurable settings and note templates, you can automatically open a Notes Page where you can capture all important call details; including References, Notes, Actions, Call Recordings, and more – all within your Bullhorn Recruitment CRM.

Inbound Screen Pop

Users receive an inbound screen notification through our Chrome Plug-in, which links to the candidate or client’s Bullhorn record. Inbound caller notification helps to reduce call handling time, and gives users an increased awareness of the caller’s identity and account.

Progressive Dialer

The Progressive Dialer allows a user to automatically dial from a prepared list, which can be pulled directly from a Bullhorn Tearsheet. The dialer is configurable, allowing the agent to skip contacts on a list, drop a voicemail, prioritize specific numbers, remove duplicate numbers, and see details pertaining to call attempts and successes.

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