cube19 helps staffing firms to grow revenue through the power of data and Actionable Insights. Leveraging the cube19 Growth Analytics Platform, customers can drill into any company performance metric, unlock revenue opportunities and mitigate risks in real-time, on any device.

As a Global Alliance Partner of Bullhorn, staffing firms trust cube19 to optimize their two greatest assets - their people and their data. We do this by delivering simple to understand Actionable Insights that show every member of staff, senior staffing executives to recruiters, how to drive customer value and make more placements.

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Platform: BullhornBullhorn and Bullhorn for Salesforce

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Growth Analytics - simple, powerful, real-time

cube19 is the smartest way to turn your Bullhorn and financial data into clear, real-time insights that enable your company to maximize revenue across recruiters, clients, jobs and candidates. At the heart of the platform sits cubeTV, a gamification solution that increases engagement with Bullhorn to deliver a profound improvement in data quality.

As a result, everyone in the business can access real-time, accurate business performance reports, on any device.

Increase the Performance of Every Individual

cube19 ensures your billing managers and recruiters are consistently working with the clients, jobs, and candidates with the best revenue opportunities. Actionable Insights help recruiters to understand the BEST next action to take for their fastest route to cash.

Staffing firms using cube19 commonly see a rise in Net Fee Income of 15% across the board.

Improve Data Quality and Bullhorn Adoption

Transform your data-quality and adoption of Bullhorn overnight by gamifying recruiters to record what they do, when they do it. cube19's beautifully designed leaderboards, trend graphs, custom incentives, and deal flashes provide a clear and current visual representation of your Bullhorn data and give consultants a reason to input good quality data. cubeTV provides an easy way to drive specific behaviors and is proven to profoundly impact Bullhorn adoption.

Base Your Strategic Decisions on Real-Time Data

Leveraging the cube19 Growth Analytics Platform, staffing leaders, CFOs, and analysts can drill into any company performance metric, unlock revenue opportunities and mitigate risks in real-time, on any device.

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