Data Frenzy drives increased placements for our staffing firm clients. Period.

Our software is innovative and intuitive - and leverages the Bullhorn API's to deliver best in class experiences for candidates and clients. If you need to increase placements, it's worth contacting us.

Category: Multi Poster
Location: North America
Platform: Bullhorn

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Not Just Job Distribution - Advanced Technology Producing an average of 40% Better Results

When it comes to job distribution, many single point solutions can “do.” Simplifying the process of posting and distributing jobs is technology we pioneered in the 1990’s. What we built back then is now ubiquitous. Yet, we’ve continued to innovate.

How can we claim 40% better results? Our technology processes applicants who do not have the time or desire to complete every online application – from CraigsList’s emails, Indeed’s Easily Apply, Zip Recruiter’s Quick Apply, even CareerBuilder’s Apply Now.

Bullhorn clients using Data Frenzy’s Job Distribution software place more candidates because they have more candidates. Reach out to us to learn how our advanced technologies can help you.

Resume Searching & Talent Pool Building

Every user searching and sourcing resumes around the web works independently. Unless you are utilizing Data Frenzy. Own every paid “view” in your own proprietary searchable database, accessible to all users.

Find a good candidate? One click upload to Bullhorn.

Increase placements by accessing your Talent Pool of sourced resumes and job responses for passively active candidates unbeknownst to your competitors.

Text Based Automated Pre-Screen & Interview Scheduling

The top of the placement funnel (screening, qualifying, interview scheduling) is the most time consuming and wasteful stage. And we’ve automated this with GREAT success for our clients.

Our automated systems engage EVERY applicant to a job, within minutes. Still on a job board, our client’s candidates engage with our Autobot for Pre-Screening & Interview Scheduling. In an industry where less than 10% of job response candidates are ever contacted, our clients are interviewing more than 50% of all job applicants.

From our clients, the only disadvantage to this is you will need to change internal workflows to address the greater number of qualified candidates.

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