echogravity is the market-leading, full-service digital marketing agency to the IT Staffing industry. You have a vision for your IT staffing business, and we help you achieve it. echogravity reaches your audience, attracts new clients and candidates, and grows your business through highly effective strategic and tactical services.

Location: North America
Platform: Bullhorn

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Inbound Marketing to Drive Candidate & Client Leads

We live in a digital world where people hate being sold to. That’s why we are the clear leader in creating compelling content that informs and engages your various audiences. The more information, insight, and guidance we provide to candidates and prospects, the more likely they’ll engage or work with you. Building a unique and valuable impression is the key to solidifying long-term business relationships. Our real-life experience working in the staffing industry gives us firsthand capabilities in reaching and attracting your audience.

Here’s what we deliver:

  • Sales Campaigns
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO Initiatives

Modern Staffing & Recruiting Websites

Your website has mere seconds to impress potential clients and candidates. It’s your online hub for generating and converting new candidate and prospect leads while simultaneously nurturing relationships with current clients. A great website makes your company stand out so you can draw people in. We understand your audience like no other, so we deliver visionary web design that achieves desired results. We conduct regular website audits, assessing SEO, mobile responsiveness, load speed, analytics, and more so we have a true measure of success.

Marketing Strategy for Staffing Firms

We deliver inbound marketing solutions that will strengthen your brand differentiators, reach new audiences, and uncover new business opportunities you are likely missing. We build proven marketing strategies for staffing firms by leveraging our background in the industry to better understand your business, your goals, and your customers. From building buyer personas to implementing marketing automation, we work hard to formulate a comprehensive marketing strategy customized to your business goals. A great strategy means you can easily measure progress as we drive your winning brand forward.

Sales and Recruiting Enablement Campaigns

Salespeople in the staffing sector are challenged to differentiate themselves in a crowded, commoditized industry, while recruiters scramble for quality candidates in a tightening labor market. It’s no surprise that marketing is often thrown on the back burner when firms are faced with these pressures. Our highly-focused sales and recruiting enablement campaigns harness the power of multi-channel digital marketing to reach niche audiences in new ways. Deep market research coupled with highly consistent inbound marketing strategies are designed to engage and nurture your audience through every level of the sales funnel, resulting in a higher level of conversion.

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