Data-driven intelligent tooling for quickly and easily reaching the right candidates. We use automated job posting to place vacancies quickly and easily on more than 500 job boards. Programmatic job marketing allows us to bring vacancies to the target group in a measurable, campaign-driven way.

With IGB, you maintain control of your online recruitment completely in-house, but enjoy the benefit of professional support.

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Location: Benelux
Platform: Bullhorn

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Automated Job Posting

Automated job posting allows you to post vacancies properly and quickly, and to measure results. The best channels to use here obviously depend on the labour market target group. We always coordinate what we do and how we do it with our customers. Together, we determine the best approach for each channel. The posting process is then arranged using as much automation as possible.

Automated job posting from IGB gives you:

  • control.
  • the best posting in terms of quality.
  • excellent value.

Programmatic Job Marketing

Programmatic job marketing from IGB is the first platform in the Netherlands that enables customers to fully automate the posting of larger numbers of vacancies with a high turnover rate. We use data, budgets and marketing resources to determine how to set up campaigns together. Campaigns can be set up very flexibly according to the professional area, region or client, which gives you perfect insight into costs and results per campaign, channel and vacancy. The advantages of programmatic job marketing include establishing campaign objectives in advance, determining posting budgets, and ensuring the success of recruitment. Results are measured in cost per click, cost per applicant and/or cost per hiring.

Programmatic job marketing from IGB allows you to:

  • initiate your own campaigns.
  • measure recruitment and acquire insight into the process.
  • recruit using smart technology.

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