LogicMelon's award winning recruitment platform includes a robust resume searching feature. The same time saving technology, that is integral to our Multi Posting feature, is the basis for our resume search functionality. Input a single search and have it initiated against multiple resume databases. Resume searching has never been quicker or easier. Ensure you’re the first to target top talent by setting up candidate preference with job boards.

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Simply select your search destinations

Just click on the job board destinations that you would like to perform your resume search against. You can even include your Bullhorn database in the search destinations.

Easily input your search criteria

You only have to input your search criteria one time and then run it against your selected destinations. No more multiple inputs onto multiple screens.

Let us do the work for you

Use our watchdog functionality by inputting specific candidate criteria and we will continuously search the different job boards your registered with. We will immediately let you know when a candidate matching your criteria has signed up with the job boards.

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