Vision™ - Video Interviewing

Vision is Odro’s flagship product, providing recruiters with all the tools they need to manage the digital hiring process from beginning to end. Fully integrated with Bullhorn, Vision can facilitate live two-way interviews and solo, asynchronous interviews and have these automatically saved against your candidate’s record. It also features a supercharged shortlisting portal that allows you to create more urgency with clients than ever before. Send your clients a link to a dual-branded portal, straight from the vacancy page in Bullhorn, where they can review your shortlisted candidate videos, plus attached documentation, all in one place. The best bit is you’ll get detailed insight on diversity and inclusion, view rates, heatmaps, likes, comments and so much more.


Capture™ - Video Sales Messaging

Engage more talent and win more clients with Odro’s quick, easy to use and highly effective video engagement tool. Capture allows you to send personalised HD video messages in just 30 seconds, straight from your browser. With just one click from the Google Chrome toolbar, your recruiters can record a personalised video message that lands straight into the client or candidate’s inbox. Quicker than a cold call, personalised video messages are proven to dramatically increase response rates, helping you to engage more clients and candidates than ever before. You’ll also receive real-time notifications when your Captures are viewed allowing you to follow-up at the right time.


Producer™ - Video Content Creation

Producer allows you to create eye-catching, professionally edited video content quickly and easily, ready to share in a matter of minutes. You can record your videos from within the platform, drop new content in or re-purpose existing videos with a Producer makeover. You can add intros, outros, banners, overlays, logos, images, subtitles and more. You can even save your templates for speed and ease and share these across your business. Video has never been more consumed, get involved and take your content to the next level. Use Producer for video job ads, to boost your personal profile or to promote your agency. It’s a game-changer.

What Our Customers Say

“We’ve been Bullhorn users for years now and the Odro integration is one of, if not the best, integrations into Bullhorn that we’ve seen.”
– Kevin McGrath | NES Global Talent

“Having Odro sitting within Bullhorn has increased our overall time to screen and therefore our time to place jobs. The integration is seamless and the benefit of having single sign on, as well as completed videos saving directly to our CRM is a huge time saver.”
– Peta Dumergue | Kinetic Recruitment

“Odro is a truly fantastic bit of kit and the integration with Bullhorn is superb. Everything is done from the Bullhorn page, meaning our consultants have no need to leave the CRM. It has made us much more efficient. Overall, I’ve been super impressed!”
– Alex Wiffen | Cherry Pick People

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